From Throw-Away to Frenchy Chic

I have been saving a few of the sturdier pots that plants come in. However, they were begging for a little makeover and this is what I came up with:
To give an old plastic pot a realistic stone look I sprayed it with dark stone textured paint.
After the paint had dried I mixed up some plaster of Paris and spackled it onto certain areas of the pot.
Next I mixed some cream and black craft paint and painted the pot trying to achieve a stone look. I then sanded the pot very lightly. And this is what it looked like after the treatment.
However, I felt it needed a little more pizazz. I made a stencil from foam board and taped it to the pot. Using plaster of paris and a little more craft paint I added the flour de lis. Voila!
I forgot to take a picture of the pot before I started, but the pot looked pretty much like this.
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