Hanging a Plant Moo Style

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My neighbors think it is easier to leave their trash at my front door than throwing it away.

I cannot find the picture what it looked like when I got it. It was an old water kettle with a cow head

and a black and white enamel cow pattern


I bought some wooden "pearls" . Had to drill the holes a little bigger. Then I painted them with white varnish, after they were dry I painted some spots with black varnish on them


I bought this washing line _ I guess that´s what it was meant for

Was just happy to find it in black

working on the line

I cut some long pieces of the washing line and with the help of a lighter and my pliers formed a tip, so I could string up the pearls. I had drilled four holes in the bottom of the kettle, and stuck the line inside, tying it with a few knots. I had tried glue, but it did not stick on the enamel.


once I had the wooden pearls strung up I frayed the bottom edge of the line

further with the string

I stuck a piece of wire in the middle, had it come back out on the side and secured it by twisting it atound a few times. Then I brushed the frayed ends with a hairbrush

fun part

I had found some cow bells at the store


for my use


I put a plastic liner inside the pot, so the water would not run out and ruin the wooden pearls. Then I put some plants in it and hung it up on my tree in the frontyard, so the neighbors can hear what I did with the trash ......

hope you can see what I did

Suggested materials:

  • Old kettle   (trash)
  • Varnish   (leftovers from painting windows)
  • Wood pearls   (amazon)
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  • Vickey Ollis Vickey Ollis on Sep 27, 2020

    We were gifted a cow tea kettle like that. They are a bit pricey. If it ever develops a hole this looks like a good idea to keep on using it.

  • Jackson Jackson on Sep 27, 2020

    Hello Vickey, I hope you have it for a long time. The one I got was already in bad shape. So it was no use in the kitchen anymore. Hope you remember me, when yours does get broke in 20 years or so