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3 Materials
2 Hours

We wanted to add a house number plaque to our front planter for a while, but after seeing how expensive they are, we decided to build on ourselves. We found these awesome, modern house numbers, and decided to go for it. Other than the house numbers, this project was done using scrap wood, and old pallets.

What I used need:

House numbers

Wood pallets

1 x 2

Spray paint

Pocket hole screws

Step 1: Make sign background

First, I cut up some of our old wood pallets to make the background for the sign. Once I decided on the size for the sign, I found some salvageable pieces and attached them using a piece along the back. Next I trimmed down the excess with our circular saw. I would have cut them with our miter saw first, but it was at our parents house so I went with this method, which turned out to be just fine! After everything was cut, I gave it all a light sanding.

Step 2: Frame it out

Next, I spray painted my 1x2s black for some contrast. Once they were dry, I attached them to each other using pocket holes and pocket hole screws. I forgot to add wood glue, but you can do that to reinforce the joints as well. Then I attached the sign background to the 1x2s using the same method. I left the sides longer for the sign's "legs".

Step 3: Add numbers

Finally, I added our house numbers according to the installation directions. We purchased our modern house numbers here, but you can also used ones from a hardware store, or paint numbers on, or even use vinyl to cut out your numbers.

This was an inexpensive way to add some curb appeal to our house and we love how it turned out! Now we need some landscape lighting to make it stand out at night :)

Suggested materials:

  • Wood pallet
  • 1 x 2
  • House numbers

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