Nature Inspired Wind Chime/Wall Decor

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3 Hours

I've been spending a considerable amount of time out doors since we got our dog, Stanley in November. We've got an abundance of Mahogany trees on the property, they drop nuts/pods which unopened are pear shaped. When open, however they look like a beautiful flower in full bloom but, the inside is delicate if you're not careful. I learned this from experience...

I absolutely love wind chimes & have endless ideas for them. This project was originally going to be beach themed since I've got SO many shells but decided to incorporate some mahogany ree components and wood scraps for a land and sea theme.

Still challenging myself to create with only what I have, this whole project was without outward cost.

Clean everything from nature very well. I soaked with warm soapy water & 10% bleach using a small brush as needed to remove soil.

I screwed in eye hooks along what will be the bottom where everything will hang.

Jute cord will be used to hang the piece. A small amount of hot glue was applied to the underside, wrapped a few times then another small amount was added to keep it in place.

Shells, mahogany nut shells (pieces of), scrap/craft wood and fishing line.

Each shell already had a natural hole, I drilled holes for everything else. Since I love color and to paint I added some flair to most items.

Fishing line was used to string everything. Knots were added down the strand to separate beads or other items on the string.

I looped 1 piece of fishing line through each eye hook, knotted it and I was done.

Suggested materials:
  • Shells
  • Mahogany Nuts
  • Jute Cord
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