How to transition grass to rock in side yard?

by Pbrenner

I have a very shady side yard (in the Texas hill country) that I am thinking of putting rock down rather than fight the shade growing things. I've put down decomposed granite in a few other areas of my yard - to make a fire pit area, to edge some raised beds, etc. I have no artistic vision on how to transition from the grassy areas to the new rock - I'd like it to look as nice as possible and not just a straight line dividing grass from rock. I've used an old hose to try curvy lines, but they don't look right either. I have all kinds of stuff available to make it interesting (garden junk kind of stuff) and not just be a bunch of rock.

I do intend to clean and paint/stain the little deck (it's off my laundry room door), and build a fence to hide the A/C unit. I've added some pictures of the side yard, and a picture of one of the areas I put in DG. Is DG good for this area? Or should I go with something more 'gravelly'? Rain coming off the little deck roof does beat up the ground, so I thought some paving stones there might help.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate ANY advice or ideas anyone can offer!

View of the side yard from the back of the house, standing near one of the septic risers seen in the next picture.

Back corner of the yard. I dug out the grass in the corner to make the fire pit area. The fake plastic rock should be over the taller black septic cover :-). The green septic risers were just recently put in. I'd like to disguise the green covers too

Another view of the septic covers, lol - just to the right is where the dark shade part begins and the grass gets a lot sparser.

Side yard view from the front of the house. The grass from here to just before the A/C unit is in pretty good condition, and the dogs like to lay over here when it's hot out, so I'd like to keep this grass.

An area on the sunny side of the house where I put down DG. I built the planters from tin from a storage building that used to be on my property. I have lots of it left to build more things with.

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