For the Birds......

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Teacup & Saucer bird feeder gifts..
Materials needed...
Gather your materials from thrift shops or flea markets..wash them well, & rough up the spots you will be "connecting" with a little steel wool. Wipe away debris.
Details, details...
If you don't find matching saucers, find similar & add a little detail that makes them LOOK like they match... I even paint a stripe around the base of the vase, sometimes...
Now start piecing them together with your bead of E6000 glue or Loctite marine glue. Add a little weight, a stack of books. Let dry 24 hrs.
Tulle birdseed bags..
I buy some tulle & put wild bird seed in the center, enough to fill the cup, & tie with a pretty bow.
Birds love them!
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Suggested materials:
  • Misc. large teacups, Saucers, Vases, E6000, Gloss Acrylic paints, Tulle, ribbon, birdseed, Rerod or   (Flea markets, Lowes)
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