Get Perfect Garden Borders—in Just 10 Minutes (5 Ideas)

10 Minutes
You can make your garden borders look perfectly pristine for almost no money, by using things you have around your home! It just takes a few quick steps—see how to amp up your garden in a flash.

I really love how each border shapes the space differently and brings more color and beauty to my little garden. I think I'll have to use a different border for every season, because it's impossible to choose a favorite.

Most of the supplies came from around my home, but you can also find anything you need for this project by going to the thrift store or keeping your eyes out for curbside salvages.

Project Details:
Number 1 - Bottles
Soak off the labels in hot water and scrub any remaining glue from the labels.
Using a rubber mallet, gently tape the bottles into the soil. The more bottles you have, the closer you can put them together. They don’t need to be exactly the distance you see in the video, but just make sure to space them out enough so that you’re not packing them in too tightly and risking any broken bottles.

It's so simple, but the outcome is really colorful and fun.
Number 2 - Plates
Carefully tap your plates into the ground using a rubber mallet. If the ground is especially hard, dig a trench before you insert the plates. Make sure not to tap them too hard or you might have some broken shards to deal with. Just watch how I do it in the video to get a clearer picture.

Isn't that just super cute?? I love how it turns the garden into a whimsical wonderland!
Number 3 - Pallet/Scrap Wood
Gently tap the wood into the soil using a rubber mallet. You can vary the heights, colors, and sizes of the wood or make it all one height using the same wood.

And voila! Rustic meets checkerboard chic. I'm in love with how well the style matches the hostas.
Number 4 - Aluminum Flashing
Wearing gloves, fold down the top of the edge as it is sharp. It's definitely unique, but this is a very sleek and industrial look.

If you're a fan of clean, industrial lines, I think we've just found your perfect match.
Number 5 - Rope Lighting
Using landscape pins, secure the rope lighting to the top of the edge of your border. It sounds a little confusing, but look how simple it is in the video. And isn’t that nighttime glow just magical?

Fun, functional, and fabulous!

Now that I've tried them all, it's impossible to pick a favorite. I might just have to switch them off every other season.

So, what do you think? At least one of these is bound to tickle your green thumb!
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  • Joanie Joanie on May 29, 2020

    Your Hosta are some beautiful plants. The rabbit and deer eat mine, while they are comin' up in the spring.

  • Carol Carol on Jun 11, 2020

    I can handle the lights.