From Hot Tub to Outdoor Kitchen.

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We had a hot tub in a covered gazebo. When we first moved in, it was a dream come true. I mean, how many people get to soak in their own hot tub? But then it started to need repairs, like, all the time...and we found out the floor was rotting, and we had a severe drought so no filling it get the idea.
We decided to I've the hot tub to a man who wanted it.. he came and loaded it on a truck and took it away (that was an experience, let me tell you).
My husband then ripped out the old flooring. I don't have a picture but we just used pry bars and lots of sweat.
Under the flooring we found thick plywood. Most of it was in fantastic shape. We used a Dremel Max to cut out the rotten parts and replace.
Putting in the last section.
We got 2 X 6 treated wood and dry fitted it and the only cuts we had to make were at the corner posts and along the edge!
We put in an open grid using left over boards. Honestly, should have painted the ceiling but we were too tired. Maybe later. Lights will hang here.
Floor finished. Wood screws, stain.
We added roll up shades from Lowes on 3 sides.
Across the back we used left over boards to build shelves. We just went random with what we had.
The bar is a piece of wood from the sawmill refinished by my husband.. cost about $20.00!
We hang out here all the time . And no more $$$$$ going into the hot tub.
Suggested materials:
  • Wood, stain, screws, grills,   (All at Lowes.)
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