DE, Diva Dogs and Fleas......

I need some help and perhaps some hard and tried advice on caring for pets with regard to controlling fleas!!
I rescued 5 diva dogs... (4 girls and 1 boy), at different stages, and with different issues...
I have been gardening since early spring, and maybe I am letting all these buried fleas to come out, but here lately, I have found 4 to 5 fleas per dog, every other day or so.
Know tho, I have treated my entire back yard with bags of DE (Diatomaceous Earth) from the early signs of spring. I also have treated the backyard with lime.
Also, these diva's sleep with me, so, I need them to be flea free. They pretty much are indoor dogs, but when I'm gardening they are with me, and they do their lil biz out back as well.
The trouble I am having is that these dogs are all chihuahua/doxie mixes...with major allergy issues, to the point where they take antihistamine and or allergy meds. They can't handle chemicals on their bodies or coats, so, I have to bathe them in as natural a shampoo as I can. Even baby shampoo causes them rash and bumps, poor babies. The vet says, use a non soap based shampoo, and or oatmeal... which I do, but because I can't put any flea meds on them, all of a sudden NOW, they have fleas...
What can I do, as natural as possible with their allergy issues to help alleviate fleas on their bodies without causing them constant itching. This itching causes them to break skin, and bleed, their bodies to look mange ridden due to bumps on their skin under their coat..its awful.
Also, if you can, please address what I can do to my lawn, outside of lime and or DE, to help curb and kill off these buried fleas.
The thing is, my yard is usually not flea ridden, so, all I can think of, is this gardening, I have been into on a major scale has given them new life!!
and YES, they are NOW spoiled, never to return to their past lives of abuse and torture.
Thanks all in advance,
q de diva dogs and fleas, pets animals, Alli and Bella
Alli and Bella
q de diva dogs and fleas, pets animals, Spike
q de diva dogs and fleas, pets animals, Sadie
q de diva dogs and fleas, pets animals, Sera
q de diva dogs and fleas, pets animals, Spike he is probably the one with the worst allergies of them all
Spike (he is probably the one with the worst allergies of them all)
q de diva dogs and fleas, pets animals, Alli
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  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Jun 23, 2013
    We just got a second smooth coat Brussels Griffon from a rescue. ( this is to provide a companion to the first since we had to put down our 14 year old doxie) a few years back our Husky had a bout with some fleas and we used a lavender based powder. I do not remember the name but the pet isle guy said it was a great natural worked well for us. We tend to purge the items in the laundry cupboard periodically so it got tossed a year or so after me used it.

  • Karen Walden Karen Walden on Jun 23, 2013
    Just like a citronella candles.try some diluted lemon juice and water in a spray bottle, AND SPRAY THE DOGS. Look into NATURAL pet IDEAS online for skin issues and natural household products to help sooth the skin and coat, at the same time keeping it pest free. I am the momma of 4 cats, and 3 dogs plus 5 3 week old puppies!! carpet USE leather furniture AND BARE FLOORS,This helps to make cleaning easier, and again vinegar and borox will do the trick to kill fleas on the floors. Lime will help in the yard. Hope this was useful!

  • Shari Shari on Jun 23, 2013
    Please check out my comment on this thread regarding an all natural product I have used for many years with great results:

    natural flea and tick repellant

  • Patty Patty on Jun 23, 2013
    About xmas time I had an issue with flea's. It lasted well into the new year and it was horrible to say the least. I bathed them with Dawn dish soap, it kills the flea's. We had to spray the house over and over, I also combed them on a daily bases with a flea comb. My cats are indoor but the dog goes out and the neighbor cats roam free so it was really hard. I finally used DE and it has gotten rid of them finally. It took a while and my one cat had such a hard time as she is allergic and so is my dog. I know that rubbing orange and lemon on them helps as well. DE also is good for garden pests , beetles and bugs it kills them.

  • Athena Spanios-Tickner Athena Spanios-Tickner on Jun 23, 2013
    I also was told to put DE in the diva's food bowl, what is your opinion of that???.. Its supposed to cut up fleas and bugs outside, yet, its safe for dogs and cats to swallow??? And do you know, if DE is put out on the ground, and it rains, is it still effective???? Some of these questions may be a no brainer to you, but, its not to me. I did research the DE and lime, that's why I put it out there...but can't find about rain per se, and here in Jax, we have had alot of rain lately!!!

  • Athena Spanios-Tickner Athena Spanios-Tickner on Jun 23, 2013
    Shari.... I did look at the site, and will order Critter Oil, and try it..... worth a try!!! Thank You!!

  • Beth Hoff Beth Hoff on Jun 23, 2013
    Put dryer sheets in between your mattress and box springs this will deter fleas from getting in.

  • Athena Spanios-Tickner Athena Spanios-Tickner on Jun 23, 2013
    KMS, I searched the PetsMart website, no powder in a lavender base... I will keep searching. Thank You!

  • Shari Shari on Jun 23, 2013
    Athena, I think if you follow the directions, you will very pleased with the Critter Oil. ( ) If you need a powder-based product for sprinkling on carpet, you can mix the Critter Oil with baking soda, Borax powder and salt. It can be made into a spray to mist on the dogs before and after their trips outside. (Complete directions for the powder and spray on the website.) Be sure to check out the section on the website called "Articles." There are several really good articles about treating your pets naturally which you may find helpful. And one final thing, if any of your dogs have sores or raw spots from their scratching, the Super Goop is AMAZING stuff. (Also sold on the website under "Products" section.) I had a German Shepherd that developed a huge, raw and oozy "hot spot" about the size of the palm of your hand underneath a bandage (post surgery) and nothing the vet gave me was working at all. It just kept getting worse to the point I thought it was going to end up leaving a big bald spot in the dog's coat. After only a couple applications of Super Goop, the area dried up, scabbed over and healed nicely. All the hair grew back except one small area about the size of a nickel. It might even help with your dogs' allergy-related bumps and rashes.

  • Shari Shari on Jun 23, 2013
    I'm not sure what flea-repelling benefit your dogs would get from taking Diatomaceous Earth orally since fleas are an external problem but according to the Critter Oil website, Diatomaceous Earth CAN be taken internally by people and animals. It says, " serves to detoxify the body, improve digestion, improve joint mobility...and also as a natural wormer. ..."

  • Kat Tellez Kat Tellez on Jun 23, 2013
    You can also try giving your dogs brewer's yeast tablets (can be foud at pet stores or health food stores). This is supposed to repel fleas. There is also a liquid food additive that contains garlic that you drizzle on their dry food that is supposed to do the same.

  • Athena Spanios-Tickner Athena Spanios-Tickner on Jun 23, 2013
    I cook for them, and add garlic.... but I have heard about the brewers yeast... I will start to add it to their food. Thank You for the tips!!!!

  • Athena Spanios-Tickner Athena Spanios-Tickner on Jun 23, 2013
    Beth H.... I just happened to have 3 boxes of dryer sheets...and one of them was lavender scented.... so, re-doing all 3 bedroom linens and putting the dryer sheets in... Thanks!!

  • Larose LoganOakes Larose LoganOakes on Jun 23, 2013
    Helo Athena! I know from experience that Brewer's yeast can give your pets diarrhea. Don't be surprised when you first give it to them if this happens.Give their bodies time to adjust.Also I know that fleas do not like the smell of tea tree oil and if you use the leave on-Miracle Coat shampoo for dogs or cats the fleas will no longer bother your animals.In case you are unaware of the properties of tea tree oil it is antibacterial and antifungal. It is basically God's gift to us and it comes from the Melaluca tree of Australia.It is very strong and it needs to be in a base. Never use 100% tea tree oil directly on yours or your pets skin as it can burn the skin.It is pretty amazing stuff and I use it all of the time on everything from a paper cut to major surgery.I prefer the Thursday Plantation brand as I found the others to be inferior. You can buy this stuff over the net or at your local healthfood store ( not GNC) and no I am not a dealer and I do not get any kind of reimbursement from them for passing along this information. I hate to see another human being and animals suffering unneedlessly.Best of luck to you in your flea journey!

    • Jody D Jody D on Jan 11, 2014
      @Larose LoganOakes I was going to suggest Tea Tree as well. Just be sure to get actual TTO from the drugstore the stuff Walmart carries is not pure tto

  • Lynda Lynda on Jun 23, 2013
    DE is great for both fleas and worms, but make sure you get the human grade if you are putting it in their and maybe your own food.

    Whatever you decide to do, treat hem all at the same time and treat your carpets and yard then as well. Be careful with garlic. A little is okay, but a lot is toxic for dogs and cats.

  • Linda Dann Linda Dann on Jun 23, 2013
    There are a few recipes on line whereby you add some Neem oil to shampoo-- rub it in- let it sit- etc. The other thing that I've used is Capstar- it's not cheap- but nothing with regard to fleas is cheap! If you make the Neem oil combo- you also put it in a spray bottle for around the house- it's the same solution that is used to get rid of aphids. Good luck- poor babies- do be careful with the DE- making sure it is food grade.

  • Larose LoganOakes Larose LoganOakes on Jun 24, 2013
    The Critter Oil that Shari from Tampa recommended sounds like good stuff.I looked at the ingredients and tea tree oil is one of them. I do know that the Thursday Plantation, tea tree oil ointment will heal up their bumps and infections and fungus immediately.My dog of 85 lbs had to have her ACL repaired and vaginal surgery at the same time and the bruising from her surgery was terrible. I used the TP Tea tree oil oinment on her incisions and the Arnica creme on her bruises and they all healed up ASAP. The doc was amazed!I told the vet that if my privates looked like hers did after her surgery I would be screaming my head off.I felt so bad for her. They gave her Tramadol for pain and she slept a lot of the time. She is fine now and no more UTI's. Thank God!

  • Rebecca B Rebecca B on Jun 27, 2013
    DE does not REPEL fleas or other insects from your pets. It slices or cuts the soft bodied insect which causes it to dehydrate or "bleed". It is safe to take internally for animals and will kill internal parasites the same way as it kills external parasites. Farmers and ranchers put it on crops and on the farm animal food to kill insects and internal parasites. It is not easily washed off vegetables and humans can consume it without harm. Just don't breathe DE into your lungs. I always use a paper dust mask whenever I use any type of powder insecticide. I purchased 35 lbs of DE from a website online and use it to control roaches spiders ants and other insects in my home and in my garden. I also use it as a dust on my 3 chihuahua mix dogs and my 3 cats with success in controlling the fleas and lice problem. I still have to use a repellent as well. Use only the FOOD GRADE DE! The Diatomaceous earth they use for filtering in swimming pool products does not have the sharp edges to cut the insects and should not be used on animals. Good luck!

  • Rebecca B Rebecca B on Jun 27, 2013
    DO NOT FEED GARLIC TO YOUR PETS! My vet says it is very toxic to dogs and cats. I researched this subject and found many websites indicating the dangers of garlic and onions to dogs. "In general, garlic can be more concentrated than an onion,” says Dr. Justine Lee, the associate director of Veterinary Services at Pet Poison Helpline and a veterinary emergency critical care specialist. “It’s actually considered to be about 5X as potent as an onion.” quote from

  • Rosa Mack Rosa Mack on Aug 30, 2013
    `Bathing your animals in Dawn dish liquid is also an awesome fix for fleas, I use it when I am in between getting my animals there internal meds that keep the fleas off. Even though fleas are external there are meds out there that are taken internally that repel fleas ticks and of luck.

    • Athena Spanios-Tickner Athena Spanios-Tickner on Feb 28, 2014
      @Rosa Mack I have tried this, and my dogs are not allergic, but they have sensitive skin as most chi's do, and all they do it itch themselves to sores and cuts.... but I agree, on mos dogs, this works. In fact, I have to bath them in soap free shampoo..that I purchase online.

  • Dolores Henderson Dolores Henderson on Aug 31, 2013
    @rosa mack, my friend just recently bathed her 4 mo. old puppy in green dawn liquid. The puppy was playing and eating the bubbles while bathing. Later he had green diarrhea. I'm sure it's safe in general since the rescuers bathed all those poor oil covered ducks & penquins from an oil spill in it. But still , fyi.....I'd keep an eye on the animals you bathe in Dawn, & don't let them eat it.

    • @Dolores Henderson The blue dawn is what wildlife bathes the oil covered animals. No other is used. I bathe my dogs in Dawn after we go into the deep woods or river.

  • Linda Dann Linda Dann on Sep 01, 2013
    Hey- so how are the divas doin?????

    • Athena Spanios-Tickner Athena Spanios-Tickner on Apr 28, 2014
      @Linda Dann The diva's are loving life. This year, the fleas have been pretty much non existent, Gardening still goes on, and like I said, fleas have been next to nothing, maybe last year was a bad year for fleas???.... But thank you for asking, they are loved and spoiled.

  • You have to keep vacuumed, rugs shaken, and blankets where they sleep washed. I mix 1/2 baking soda and 1/2 Borax (Muleteam) in a parmesan shaker from the dollar store and sprinkle the carpets and let it sit for a couple hours. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats coming in and out all day so even though I use Frontline Plus from the vet (it seems to be the best) you still get some flea activity. PS my Fox /Jack Russel terrier has to sleep under the covers with me and the Australian shepherd sleeps with fan blowing on her between my husband and I or if she is really hot on the edge of the bed on my side! so i am usually squished. LOL

  • Connie Shurtz Connie Shurtz on Feb 28, 2014
    Lemon grass oil can be used on dogs and or babies. It is all natural and is a bug repellant lasting about 2 hours. Just mix with water in a spray bottle and spritz the dogs before they go outside.A drop of pure lemongrass oil on each leg will keep mosquito's from biting for about an hour or more.

    • Athena Spanios-Tickner Athena Spanios-Tickner on Feb 28, 2014
      @Connie Shurtz Thanks Connie, I will try this... I will look for lemongrass oil this weekend... I have all kinds of essential oils, but of course not this....

  • Amy Amy on Feb 28, 2014
    What beautful divas you have! Mine sleep with me too (One is a 20 year old chihuahua mix). Anyway we decided to try the Seresto collar on ours and so far it has worked great!!

  • Pamela Pamela on Apr 28, 2014
    Cudos to you Athena for rescuing all these Diva's!!!! You are so right about them rescuing us as that is what happened to my husband and I and our Black Labrador.....there is a problem with the color "Black" and people just don't adopt or go for the black ones. Ours is a lover boy and so friendly. He is our second rescue, the 1st guy was blind and pretty well deaf, but we adapted and love all our animals. Sorry I didn't have a suggestion to your flea problem but just wanted to comment on the 'rescue' of animals. All the best!!!!

  • White Oak Studio Designs White Oak Studio Designs on May 17, 2014
    Are you opposed to vet prescribed, Frontline? This is what we have always used with our dogs and have never once had a flea. You can order on-line from Fosters & Sterns (best price out there.) We order one years worth and keep in fridge until needed. Our schedule is apply the first day of the month. This works for both flea and ticks, which is critical in the country as we have TONS of ticks here.

    • Birdie Berghuis Birdie Berghuis on Feb 21, 2015
      I order from ebay. They have frontline plus in sealed packets and much cheaper than the vets' offices. I actually order for lg dogs and use a little TB syringe and use the appropriate amount for each dog's weight. Couldn't afford it otherwise.

  • Athena Spanios-Tickner Athena Spanios-Tickner on May 17, 2014
    can u send the link??... I searched for Fosters and Sterns and came up with mattresses.... I am always looking for the best prices.... and thank you for the source!

    • Lois Franklin Lois Franklin on May 09, 2015
      @Athena Spanios-Tickner Drs. Fosters and Smith. I've been ordering Frontline Plus from them for years since the first time I used it, ALL fleas were gone in 24 hours and we were infested! Seems like ever since though, one batch works great and the next two -- might as well just be using water! Nothing else has ever worked at all (tough Texas fleas?) so I seem to live for that one batch that works. Ugh! We currently have 3 dogs, one bought, one given to us and one dumped and all 3 are needing treatment since the weather is warming and fleas are popping out right and left!

  • Janice R Janice R on Jun 01, 2014
    I have three furry babies,german shepherd,boston , and poodle-dach mix. get comfortis from my VET...NO FLEAS TO BE FOUND

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    • Sharon Novotni Sharon Novotni on Dec 12, 2016
      no, and I have the box in front of me, it kills for one month. Starts killing in 30 minutes....keeps dose your babies at one month. I mark on the box the day I administer.

  • be sure to treat your yard and the pups and your interior at the same time... and do it on a reg. 3 month bases and you should not have a flea issue..but of course bath the pups reg. with dawn. gotta kill the source... any cats/squirrels will constantly bring new fleas to your invironment as they can climb and get to other areas that are infested.. and bring them to your yard.

    • Sharon Novotni Sharon Novotni on Dec 12, 2016
      Yes, Dawn will kill both fleas and ticks...use it....but it is rather hard on the skin ... and since your babies have such sensitive skin, I don't know.

  • Pauliegirl1 Pauliegirl1 on Feb 18, 2015
    I dont have a flea problem but I have two Bichon Frise with sensitive skin, and I got some Omega QD from my GREAT!!! It takes a couple weeks for it to get into their system but I stand by it!! No more scratching themselves!! Of course they sleep with me and it would wake me up when they scratch and scratch...problem solved!! OMEGA QD.....SARDINE OMEGA 3 AND BLUEBERRY POWDER!!! All natural, good for their joints, skin, coat and ears. Hope this will help with their sensitive skin!! They are all cute DIVA'S!!!

    • Athena Spanios-Tickner Athena Spanios-Tickner on Feb 18, 2015
      @Pauliegirl1 I had never heard of that but will google and also ask vet. My diva's are so spoiled.. I cook fro them and do add vitamins for their joints, fur, skin, etc... but, I will def look into this.. Thank You!!

  • Pauliegirl1 Pauliegirl1 on Feb 18, 2015
    I really think you will like it!! You may be able to buy from Dr. Fosters & Stearn?? I get it at my vet for $20.00 and will last me about 3 months, but I also saw it at a upscale doggie place for $, yea, shop around!!

  • Patti Cagle Patti Cagle on Feb 18, 2015
    I use Advantix II. it repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes! apply once monthly and no bugs! Get it from your vet, or online.

  • Joanne Scallion Joanne Scallion on Feb 19, 2015
    I have dogs AND cats and I bathe them in blue Dawn Liquid Dish Detergent. I have no fleas!

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    • Elwanna Elwanna on Jun 25, 2016
      Not that I've noticed. There is Dawn with skin softeners. Dawn in a bowl of water (enough to color the water) kills more than bug bombs. Put a light to the bowl at night and it is like a dinner bell. Amazing results

  • Joanne Scallion Joanne Scallion on Feb 22, 2015
    Not that I can tell! I love it!

  • Cathy Cathy on Mar 14, 2016
    Flea Treats for dogs is a vitamin that repels fleas. Only found online. For yard gardening stores sell beneficial nematodes. for years. Safe!

  • Wendyshoe Wendyshoe on Dec 09, 2016
    I live in a forrest type area and when I mowed for the first time last year (a rider) I must have brought in fleas. My poor indoor cat was going crazy with fleas. Two months of Frontline and carpet/furniture treatment did nothing. I got Revolution flea treatment from the vet. This is applied to the back of the shoulders. In less than 36 hrs. we were finally on our way to treatment. I have only seen 1 half alive flea this past month. That was after two months treatment. I comb this cat several times a day a feel we are good for now. The true test will be next summer but I really believe in this Revolution.

  • Athena Spanios-Tickner Athena Spanios-Tickner on Dec 09, 2016
    Hi all, and thanks for keeping this discussion alive and well....

    What I have found in the past year, after trying all the dawn, vinegar, etc recommendations is
    For 5 diva's and a cat, its a costly monthly venture, but I call all the vets in my area, because usually someone has 15$ off per pack of 6. These packs are well over $100 each.
    But this works, its a pill.... and I wanted to be natural about it and avoid anything internal to my pets, but, one night a light-bulb finally turned on, and I said...I take pills from my heart, HBP, cholesterol,etc.... so I thought, they can handle it...and they have....
    No more fleas!!!!

    So for us....its an expense I make for them...

  • Lyn Buerger Lyn Buerger on Dec 12, 2016
    I have a GQ guy who has sensitive skin and fleas can cause him (and me) a lot of missery. I do use Trifexis which takes care of the heart worms and the fleas. Love it.

  • Bob Bob on Dec 13, 2016
    Before you do anything can I suggest you use a bit of prevention ,isolate the problem and the problem is your dogs . No animal should be allowed into your sleeping area as this makes them think its their territory...not good. It also invites problems for you apart from fleas ,ticks are very dangerous to humans as some carry lyme disease which can kill. You also have the problem of fecal matter from their privates and paws ,the list can carry on . Best bet ,give the dogs their own bed and see a vet about their problem.

  • Pauliegirl1 Pauliegirl1 on Dec 14, 2016
    Yes....thank you!

  • Beverly Beamon Beverly Beamon on Dec 15, 2016
    I had problems for years with fleas. Nothing would kill them.
    When Sererto came out with their collars. I tried one and to my surprise within a week or two we were Flea free. This collar is kind of pricey, but last for 8 months
    really 8 months. So $45.00 for 8 months is not so expensive, But worth it.

    • Susan Starseed Susan Starseed on Dec 16, 2016
      Flea collars burn their skin. There was a person once that ask me about flea collars her cat was not eating always sleeping. I told her to remove it she came to me a week latter she was fine..

  • Liz Liz on Dec 15, 2016
    Love your dogs!! Since their skin is so sensitive, ask your Vet to recommend something. Good luck!

  • Susan Starseed Susan Starseed on Dec 16, 2016
    Research this med is killing animals...Trifexis.

  • Bob Bob on Dec 16, 2016
    Ahh well each to their own.

  • Deanna Nassar Deanna Nassar on Dec 16, 2016
    As with anything else. Some animals are allergic to some meds and even food additives. While at it check what's in their food. Some claim good reactions with Dynovite. Mix into food. Couldn't get my cat's to touch it since they eat dry food. Got the evil eye when I rubbed some on their leg.
    Check this link for info on flea repellents.
    As to ticks. If you find one, put a couple drops of oil on it, then grab with tweezers and gently pull straight back on it. They have to turn loose of their bite because the oil is blocking their breathing. Best way to destroy once pulled is in ashtray with a match. I can remember pulling them off by dozen, from our rat terrier. He seemed to be a tick magnet. I put them in a jar of water with a little oil and a tight top. Drowned the little pests.

  • Chr4787838 Chr4787838 on Dec 16, 2016
    Athena have you tried using mint to control the fleas? The recipe would be available on the Home and Family Pinterest page as natural flea control. This is from Sophie , the green and natural living lady. Also you may try planting mint, and other herbs . Mint should be container planted as it will take over a garden.

  • Linda Valentine Linda Valentine on Dec 17, 2016
    I got this flea spray from someone on - it's all natural:

    Make a flea spray to spray in your home that consists of essential oils that works beautifully. Here's the recipe:

    1/2 cup witch hazel
    1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
    12 drops of Lemon Tea Tree (kills fleas and ticks)
    4 drops of Eucalyptus (Flea Repellant)
    4 drops of Cedarwood (Flea Repellant, Skin and Coat Conditioner)
    10 drops of Lavender (anti-bacterial, anti-itch, and calming. This is the best oil to use for about all common animal ailments. It is a great first aid oil soothing to skin irritations, such as rashes and hot spots.)

    You can spray the witch hazel/vinegar mix right on the dog also. The fleas die instantly.

    • Karen Karen on Jan 08, 2017
      Can you buy "Lemon Tea Tree" oil, or do you mix lemon and tea tree together?

  • Chr4787838 Chr4787838 on Dec 17, 2016
    Hi Linda, that sounds something like the recipe I was talking about. Thank you for sharing it.

  • Sue Sue on Dec 17, 2016
    This sounds weird but plant Arbitrates, (type of cedar tree), pine or any needle bush or tree. Fleas hate these bushes, trees.
    My dog is on no collar or meds and is flea free! BTW- No wheat or bread table scraps, lots of dogs are allergic. Makes them itch. Also milk and ice cream is a problem for mine; swelling, bloating.
    Took me years to figure out the above, VETS were no help! So I hope this helps you and your pups.

  • Judith Watson Judith Watson on Dec 21, 2016
    We use a monthly product from our Vet that prevents heart worm, fleas, ticks, and other parasites. Just squeeze it on their skin on the back of their necks once a month. Also, when we moved into our present home over a year ago, there were fleas in the carpet. We vacuumed and steam cleaned all carpets before moving in. I then bought flea traps from We plugged one in each room, and especially in our bedroom and near the pets beds. We vacuumed daily for a month. By the end of a month, no fleas what so ever. You have to be consistent and vigilant. You will conquer! We did!

  • Gimme Gimme on Dec 21, 2016
    Lemon water works also. Boil a pot of water (3 quart pot) and drop a sliced whole lemon in and let it sit over night. Squeeze lemon, remove and strain then pour into a spray bottle and spray your pets & their beds. (complete info on "Frugal - Make your own flea dip). Lemon has limonene which kills & repels fleas. I also use peppermint oil in a spray bottle (2 cap fulls to a medium bottle of water, shake and spray.) Keep both remedies away from pets eyes. Hope this helps.

  • Betsy Betsy on Dec 22, 2016
    You can bathe your pooches in Dawn dish soap. Let the bubbles sit on their coat for about 5 minutes and then rinse well. This kills fleas instantly on the animal and is not harmful to the pet. If you do the vacuuming thing, you MUST get rid of the dust bag or clean out the collection thing EACH AND EVERY TIME. Those darn fleas love the dark dingy dusty interior of a vacuum.

  • Pmono7690 Pmono7690 on Dec 30, 2016
    In Michigan I used to grate Fells Naptha Soap and do a 3 foot circle around the house. Kept the fleas and all the other crawly things out. At less than $1 a bar really cheap and buy a separate grater to use so you don't have it in your food.

  • Athena Spanios-Tickner Athena Spanios-Tickner on Dec 30, 2016
    Oh wow, I can do that as well as the trifexis....
    come Feb or so in Florida, the fleas start to really, I will start grating and have it ready to go ... Thanks for the tip!!

    I wonder whats is Fel Naptha that detracts the fleas????

    • Karen Karen on Jan 08, 2017
      Does Fel Naptha have citronella? There is a soap that Walmart sells called Zote it has citronella In it, I wonder if it would work the same way? Anyway, I too am going to have to try the soap grating idea!

  • Linda Valentine Linda Valentine on Jan 08, 2017
    Karen - you can get lemon tea tree oil at Ananda Apothecary: - and it even tells you that it kills fleas! Isn't exactly cheap but cost versus fleas? No argument here!

  • Carol Fredette Carol Fredette on Jan 08, 2017
    Diatomaceous earth food grade will help if you spread it around the house and on the dog and it is also eatable to keep worms at bay . Spread in the yard also. Google it.

  • Chuck Melick Chuck Melick on Jan 09, 2017
    Off topic here - just wanted to say how cute your fur babies are! ;-)
    ...we lost ours last July & Sept. 2015 :-(

  • Athena Spanios-Tickner Athena Spanios-Tickner on Jan 10, 2017
    Oh, I'm so sorry...... beagles are such love bugs....

    Since then, we rescued a lil messed up teacup terrier we found roaming our neighborhood, that we named Emma.... we eventually had to put her down. We had her for a year and spoiled her bunches, but she was riddled with tumours and they were too numerous to operate and she was too old to survive the operation. But in the year we had her, she knew great love.
    We figured the owners got the prognosis, and instead of them doing something, they just discarded her.... she was blind, hard of hearing... so matted.... it was really pitiful what someone did to her....
    So, we still have 5 dogs and a manx cat.... what a crew! They have taken over my bed, the sofa's.... I try and sit somewhere, and here they come one at a time, till they push me
    But I wouldn't trade any of them for anything...
    Its that old saying, they eventually end up rescuing you!!!!!

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    • Linda Paolicelli Kelly Linda Paolicelli Kelly on Feb 02, 2017
      You are such a wonderful person to take in all of these homeless animals. I too have 3 rescues.
      You can try cedar oil to repel fleas. It should not hurt their skin.

  • Sherrie Sherrie on Jun 04, 2017
    i don't understand why you can't use flea medication? All your dogs are allergic to it? I would treat the animals that can be treated then I would have my house sprayed and clean all their bedding and my bedding. Also Cutting their hair. I have a cat her hair is so thick the flea medication won't won't so she is groomed and her hair is cut twice a year. Or she is miserable and so am I . Use a flea comb daily on the animals you can't treat.
    if you look closely you will find eggs and markings of fleas in the corners of your house. I would also treat my yard and wipe off their legs when they came in the house. All my little dogs are rescues also. One of my dogs can't use the same flea medication as the others and I tried other medications until I found one that worked. If you already have a infestation of flea's and tried the all natural way you need something more aggressive.
    If you wear white socks in your house you can find out how bad the infestation is because they will adhere to your socks. in the corners of your house without carpet you can find eggs and flea poop in the corners of your house. all dog beds and your beds are probably infested. Treat everything.

  • Mcgypsy9 Mcgypsy9 on Jun 24, 2017
    Bathe all your dogs with Dawn dishwashing liquid. The blue original dawn. Your fleas will fall off the dogs! Spray the yard with a mixture of 3/4 water 1/4 Dawn. Fleas do not like Dawn!

  • Stacey P. Kosiek Stacey P. Kosiek on Jul 06, 2017
    Doterra essential oils are high quality and work great. I got material and applied the mixture they recommended and tied them on like they would get after visiting the groomer, one is something with cedar, lavender and one other one. Works great. Know a rep if you need help.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Nov 02, 2018


  • Gail Gail on Nov 02, 2018

    When you comb or pick fleas or ticks off your fur babies, dogs or cats, drop them in rubbing alcohol, I use & prefer 91%, it kills them in seconds along with any eggs they're carrying. I keep maybe 1/2 inch in a glass baby food jar with lid & use it over & over til it has multiples in it then dispose of it in trash. Can pour into trash, alcohol evaporates so safe disposal, fleas & ticks are no threat as they're already dead. Glass jar is reusable. Costs is pennies.

    I also use Dawn & food grade DE for maintenance.