Happy Belated Birthday!! - PONDLESS WATERFALL in YONKERS, NY

This family thought had finally found the perfect gift for dad that year...What to get for the man who has everything?..."A pond!", they thought, and they were right he loved it! There was only one BIG problem, it leaked!! So after years of trying to fix the problem they called Aquascapes East in to do the job right!
Removing the old water feature
The pond had fallen into disrepair..."What a mess!" Antonio thinks as he surveys the situation. "We gotta take it all out!"
"I think i found the leak!"
There's your problem. The original installer didn't even glue the plumbing into the filtration!
Expanding the pond
Making the pond larger was a no-brainer! Bringing the edges closer to the seating area makes it easier to see the fish while relaxing on the porch.
Shelving the pond
Adding shelves to the pond creates great spaces for aquatic plants. The deeper area gives fish a place to wait out the cold winter months. When the pond is done the shelving is what makes it look so natural.
Carving out the waterfall
The new waterfall will be more natural. Wide shelves cut into the hillside allow for bigger boulders and more options when creating each waterfall.
Adding a FISH CAVE!

A great place for fish to hide. As the pond is getting "rocked in" this one is tucked right into the shelf of the last waterfall. Water will flow over the top of it and it will look like a cave when the pond is full!
View from the left side of the house

Situated on the corner of the house, this water feature had to have great views from two completely different directions at the same time. This is the view from the side of the house. It was important to make sure that the rockwork in the stream did not block views of the falls from this side
View from the sitting area
Check out the view from the sitting area on the porch. Can you see the fish cave built into the shelf?
Relaxing on the porch :)
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  • KatAych KatAych on May 04, 2016
    Beautiful!!! I've always wanted a koi pond; unfortunately, my neighbors have 100+ year old avocado tree that hangs over half of my yard and constantly drops avocados and leaves!