Water Feature, Fountain or Pond Pump: Winter Storage Tip

It is a good idea to remove your Water Feature or Pond Pump for the winter. It is possible that water has traveled inside the pump and if it freezes and expands, this is very bad. To keep the water from evaporating, cover the bucket with plastic wrap.
Materials needed: Bucket, water, plastic wrap. It is important that the pump remains in water because there are rubber seals or gaskets that are used to being ssubmerged all the time. If left out of water, they could dry out and crack.
Place Pump in a bucket of water and cover with plastic wrap. The Plastic wrap will prevent water from evaporating through out the winter.
Store Pump in the basement or in a location where it will not freeze. Once you find a good location for your Water Feature or Pond Pump, make sure the bucket is filled all the way with water, cover with plastic wrap and you are done.
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