You can't ask for a better location for a Pond and Stream

When I go to speak to a potential client about a pond, i usually take a moment to look around and look for viewing angles. In other words, where will people be when looking at their pond (and stream). This idea is not my own, I learned it from one of the many training sessions at "Pond College" now called Pondemonium in Chicago each summer. I was taught to look from inside the house, and from the active spaces, like the patio, deck or pool area. Avoid the "I have a great spot way over here in the back corner of my yard", and instead think of how fun it would be to have Koi swim right up to you as you sit on your patio and how wonderful it would be to see and hear the water. Also remember, in the northeast where I live, you may be inside more that outside, and try to make the pond a stream viewable from the kitchen sliding glass door or window.
This backyard had a hill sloping back toward the home, and a pool at the to of the hill. This allowed us to easily have the steam start near the pool and run toward the pond, patio and home. The 11 x 16 pond is right next to the patio, and there is a stepping stone path the literally crosses the stream as you walk to the pond. Colorful landscaping completes the natural look.
11 x 16 Koi pond right next to the main patio and within view from the the kitchen window. More info on this project
Pond a stream in a picture perfect location hill sloping toward the home. More info on this project
Landscaping and stream on slope in our client's backyard More info on this project
Stepping stone path to the pool goes right through the stream More info on this project
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  • Acorn Ponds & Waterfalls Acorn Ponds & Waterfalls on Nov 10, 2012
    Very nice colors and textures, beautiful job @Deck and Patio Company "Outdoor Living Experts" !

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Nov 11, 2012
    You make an excellent point, @Deck and Patio Company "Outdoor Living Experts". No matter what part of the country one is in, we spend far more time looking out at our landscapes than walking through them, and it's important to keep that in mind.