7 Cheap Way for Make Patterned Paper With Homemade Materials

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Hi Friends.. If you like patterned papers, this project is for you. You can use patterned papers as decorations on your items such as scrapbooks, bullet journals, notebooks and so on.

In this project, I made patterned paper with 7 easy and cheap methods. The ingredients are very simple and can be found in every home.

Cut leaf-shaped pieces from eva paper and stick them on the cardboard.

Apply acrylic paint on the leaves with a sponge and decorate your papers. It will be like a stamp.

And done! You can cut it out of eva paper in any shape you want.

Pour water, liquid soap and acrylic paint into a bowl. Mix by blowing air with a straw until bubbles form. Gently tap the paper over the bubbles. Cover the entire paper with bubbles.

You can make colorful papers with any color acrylic paints you want.

Dip the tip of the fork into the acrylic paint, tap it lightly onto the paper.

You can make different papers with colored paints and colored paper.

Wrap the jute rope around the square cardboard.

Apply paint to the threads with a brush. Apply diagonally on the paper like a stamp.

And it's that easy.

Apply acrylic paint with a brush on the bubble bag. Carefully lay it on the paper. Gently press the bubble bag onto the paper with your fingers.

Cover the whole paper like this.

Dip the end of the toilet paper roll into acrylic paint. Gently tap on the paper.

You can also make different shapes, hearts, stars and so on by crushing the end of the toilet paper roll with your hand. In this way, you can prepare papers with different patterns.

Apply acrylic paint to the bottom of the silicone cake mold with a brush. Carefully place it on the paper and press lightly with your fingers.

You can also make different papers with colored paints and colored paper.

It's that easy to make patterned papers with materials you can find at home. You can also use gouache paint instead of acrylic paint.

If you want to watch all this content as a video, you can see all the details in this video.

Suggested materials:

  • Craft paper
  • Acrylic paint

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