Create Raised Designs on Just About Anything With Plaster Stencils

Victoria Larsen Stencils
by Victoria Larsen Stencils
Plaster stencils typically are laser cut of heavier mylar so that they hold up well to scraping. But they can also be used with paint as well.

Step one: Tape the stencil to the wall, ceiling, cabinet or furniture piece you wish to add a raised design to.

Step Two: Smear the stencil openings with common joint compound (found pre-mixed in buckets at your local home store or Walmart). Joint compound can also be pre-tinted with any water based paint or coloring. (Even food coloring or craft paint works well).
Un-tape the stencil and gently peel it back to reveal the raised design.
Let the design dry completely. To bring out the detail even further, mix a darker paint color with translucent wall glaze, brush over the design then use a rag to remove the excess.
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  • Karen Sayers Karen Sayers on Jan 29, 2018

    Could I ask what joint compound is, is this like tile grout?

  • Billie Billie on Jun 07, 2018

    Love this idea! Was wondering how these would stand up to cleaning and everyday wear and tear?

  • Sydney Sydney on Mar 04, 2019

    Do these stencils come in larger sizes? I am doing an outside wall and Ned a repeating pattern that is about 24x36 in

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