Etch Your Window in Minutes

Some home entry windows can be a challenge to create privacy without compromising the incoming natural light. Not wanting to put curtains up but wanting some privacy from onlookers, I etched the glass windows flanking our front door.
Using a brush, frost etching, and a stencil, our front entry had privacy within minutes
Using the etching, it allows all the natural light to come in while providing some 'security' of not allowing everybody's eyes to see right through our home.
It can easily be removed at any time, so it is a great fix for rental properties as well. We just love it for our home and will keep it probably for forever or until I decide to change the pattern of the stencil.
For more details and steps, be sure to visit's post on etching windows in minutes!!!! You'll also be sure to find tons of other inspiration on her site!!!
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  • Christy Necole Christy Necole on May 11, 2018

    if you use window treatments that you buy at lowes or home depot...yes they can be taken off like a sticker almost and usually with no residue really anyhow. If you use etching cream you can wash you window because it's permanent to where the cream is put, it will not move once dried you wash it like normal. the sticker type you can take off but usually the material will stretch and won't look as nice back on after.