Easy Chair Make-Over

I found this sad little chair on Craigslist a while ago. It had good bones, but a sad seat. I liked it because it has a nice "wide" seat. Fits my "caboose" nicely. ;)
First I took off the seat. Then it got a thorough sanding from top to bottom. Here it is partially sanded.
The seat was quite the story. It was held on with a million staples! The fabric was a sort of vinyl that apparently thought it was old dried up leather. Even after it was off the frame, it held its shape! Still today it is laying in my scrap pile still in the shape it was holding when I took it off. Silly stuff. Anyway...
Once that vinyl was off, I found the underlaying foam padding to be in pretty good shape. I just added a layer of padding to it and put on a new fabric in a black and white print. Handsome.
Next, paint the chair. I first applied a light coat of green paint that also has a primer in it. Did not want a heavy coat of paint so I did not do a full cover on the chair. As I was planning on letting it look like it had some wear and tear on it, I let the wood show through underneath the paint. Next was to do a second color over the green.
I chose my go to favorite color, Heirloom White. LOVE this nice, soft white color!
LOVE the way this second light coat of paint came out! Can see the green through it and the wood shows through too. Next was to do some sanding to age it.
Just enough to let the wood and the green paint show. I wanted a little more "aging" on the front so I grabbed my sandpaper and did a little scrubbing. I think it really looks likes someone rubbed against it as they sat down or got up! Perfect!! Now, put it all together.
Not too bad eh?
Now on to the next project. Hmmmm...wonder which one I will work on next?
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