Ombre Rolling Cart

A woman at my barn was throwing out two rolling carts. This one only had 1 mesh shelf, and the other one had no shelves. I knew there was some life left in these, so of course, I took them home. This one (for now) is holding my scrap wood.
This was a really easy project. I had lots of scrap pieces of OSB board. I just cut 3 shelf pieces with a jigsaw (which wasn't all that easy, since these carts were a little askew.
I spray painted the cart with my favorite hammered bronze spray paint. I didn't spray all the horizontal rods, since I wanted the ombre effect on those too.
Finished cart: I painted each shelf in a different shade of paint. I buy all those little returned sample jars of paint at Home Depot for $.50 each. On little projects like this, they really come in handy. Two coats on each shelf, then 2 coats of Spar Urethane (oil based outdoor formula, since this will be used outside). It does tend to yellow a bit, but on this cart, I didn't mind that much.
I wanted to do something more interesting than just screwing these onto the horizontal rods, so I drilled holes on both sides and laced each shelf onto the rod with different color leather lace. I think it added a nice little touch.
I end up using this rolling cart for everything. So glad I saved them from the junk pile. When I am not using it, it is also a pretty plant stand.
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  • GrandmasHouseDIY GrandmasHouseDIY on Jun 02, 2016
    Love the cart, that "stitching" you did is so cool looking!

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    • GrandmasHouseDIY GrandmasHouseDIY on Jun 02, 2016
      @Amy Brammer Very creative :)

  • William William on Jun 02, 2016
    Really cool! Love the lacing of the shelves! Adds some character and dimension. Took some time to drill the holes, but well worth it. Great job.