Repurposed Curtains Into Chair Cushions

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Whether you're like me and have little kids/babies who spill and stain your chair cushions or you just like to switch things up every so often when it comes to your home decor, this project is a quick and easy solution for either problem. Here's how to reupholster dining chairs using curtains.


-old curtains/fabric

-DeWalt staple gun

-T50 Arrow staples

-Fiskars fabric cutter

-fabric measuring tape

Not pictured:


-screw driver



My dad and stepmom bought me a little dinette set from Ashley's Furniture when I bought my first house. The cushions to the seats were tan/camel color and had a suede feel to them; they were great until years of "oops!" moments kept happening with spillage of food and/or drink. Plus, my style is ever-evolving and changing so back before Bo was born, my mom and I recovered the chairs. Then, having an infant who them became a toddler, those new cushion covers began to show all of Bo's "oops!" moments. So now, here I was in need of "new" cushions again. Instead of purchasing fabric, I went through the basement and found some Target curtains I no longer was using and decided to make them into my new seat cushion covers.

STEP 1: Remove and size up cushion

First, I removed each cushion from my metal chair frames. My seat cushions were simply screwed in to the frames from underneath the seat. Then, I laid each cushion face-down on my curtain.

I made sure the cushion was close enough to the edge of the curtain that the curtain could be pulled over the edge of the curtain--you'll want about 1/2-1" of excess fabric over the edge of the cushion.

Because I was dealing with a huge curtain, I gathered up the curtain fabric to roughly where I wanted to cut it and I made a mark with a pencil.

Then, I took my fabric cutter and cut where I made my pencil marks.

Here is how my square of curtain fabric looked after I cut it out--it's rough around the edges but it's not going to matter because no one will be able to see it.


To staple the curtain fabric, make sure to pull the edges tight around the edge of the cushion but not so tight that it creates creases--you want everything to be smooth.

The corners of the cushion will have a few creases but try to make all the corners to look similar as far as how many creases are created when you pull the fabric tight.

After all the edges are stapled, cut off any excess fabric using a pair of scissors.

Here's what your finished product should look like. They're not perfect but they sure look a lot better than they did before, and I didn't have to go out to buy new fabric which was nice!

I love how these cushions came out and what is hilarious to me is that Bo came home and exclaimed, "oh wow new chairs!!! I love them!" icon

Suggested materials:
  • Old curtains/fabric   (on hand (curtains were from Target))
  • DeWalt staple gun   (Home Depot)
  • T50 Arrow staples   (Home Depot)
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  • Carolyn from NH Carolyn from NH on Nov 28, 2017

    Very nice job. Recycling material you already have, excellent. Could you spray them with Scotch Guard (out doors of course) ? Might keep down on stains, never know. 🤗🍀👏🏻.

    Carolyn from NH

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  • Esther Rodriguez Dill Esther Rodriguez Dill on Aug 14, 2018


  • Neva Dew Neva Dew on Aug 27, 2018

    Only thing I would add to your directions is to make sure each cushion is lined up the same on the fabric so the fabric design will be same on each cushion. (for example - if there is a large flower, center it on each cushion, or put the big stripe down the center, etc.)