How to Create a Cheap & Easy Hand-Painted Accent Wall

Accent walls are a timeless and personalized way to transform ordinary spaces and create a focal point for a room. You can choose bold colors, intricate patterns, or delicate motifs, tailored to match your style and preferences.

Today, I’m going to show you how to create a hand-painted accent wall easily, quickly, and on a budget. Accent walls don’t have to be expensive or complicated; they can be as fun and funky as you like! I hope this inspires you to try out some DIY painted accent wall ideas of your own.

Tools and materials

  • Filler
  • Scraper
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Paper
Plain white wall before the DIY

1. Fill in the cracks

Fill in any cracks or holes in the wall with filler. Wait for it to dry, then sand it down before doing any painting.

Filling in a crack in the wall

2. Plan your pattern

Before applying anything to the wall, try out your paint, different brushes, and your chosen design, on paper until you’re happy with the result. You could even use a sponge instead.

The last time I did an accent wall, I went for industrial chic with a DIY exposed concrete accent wall. This time, I'm doing something completely different with colorful paint and fun patterns.

Testing out paint patterns on paper

To test out how it looks on the wall, I used Photoshop and try out different patterns and colors.

Trying out different patterns on the wall using Photoshop

What if you don’t know how to use Photoshop? Well, I have an old-school hack for you: take a photo of your space, then cut out the wall area. Then, you can hold up the photo to your computer to see what the different designs might look like, You can also just take this photo to the paint store as a reference.

How to try out different patterns on your wall

3. Paint the wall

Now that we’ve decided what to do, let’s talk technique. You should always use the exact same amount of pressure on the brush to have a consistent design.

Hand-painting an accent wall

I decided that I wanted shapes with rounded ends, which would make the pattern more feminine and more delicate. So, when I get to the bottom of the shape, I turn the brush around on itself and go back up. This gives a rounded effect and it's so pretty; it almost looks like a stamp instead of a drawing.

For round shapes, pivot your elbow to get a cleaner circle.

How to paint an accent wall by hand

4. Paint other sections the same color

For a cohesive look, paint other things in the room in the same color used on a patterned accent wall. Apply painter’s tape to the edges, go around the corners with a small brush first, then fill in the rest with a roller.

If you have a darker color underneath, as I do, you may need more than one coat of paint.

Painting other areas of the room
Hand-painted accent wall

Hand-painted accent wall

Here’s the finished hand-painted accent wall! What do you think? I love the vibrant, playful design, and the pop of color. Plus, this was fun to do and easy to create. Let me know what you think of this DIY accent wall and share your own accent wall paint pattern ideas in the comments below.

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    I'd love to see how the space looks completed. The lights are gallery lights . I like the accent wall but perhaps as it compliments an important piece of art or two. A table or floor sculpture?
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