Rustic Wood Look Metal Door

Riley Regan
by Riley Regan
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Changing a ugly flat metal door to a rustic barn door.
UGLY Metal Door
I hated this door with a passion. Even considered replacing it with a wood door, but thought that might be out of my comfort zone. I considered painting it and ordered a Wood stencil. But when it came it was small and I thought OH my God this is going to take forever using this thing. So back to more thinking on it. Then I seen this "Contact paper" On Amazon. But I skipped Amazon and bought it someplace else. It ran about $39 a roll. It was fairly expensive and took 3 rolls to do the door. This door is 80" tall and each roll was about 2" longer then the door.

I ordered it and was pleased with it's texture. It's not flat like paper. It's vinyl and has made it through a winter and 6 months since putting it up. This is inside my shop and I wanted it to look like a barn door to match the inside of the shop. It was easy to apply but not easy to remove, even through it's advertised as such.
2 rolls down, a huge improvement as far as i'm concerned.
Added cross pieces to the top, center and bottom of the door, then trimmed out around the door knob, lock, peephole.
Added new hardware. I am still considering adding lines going down to make it look like planks, but have not decided yet if I will or not.
Suggested materials:
  • Rustic wood contact paper   (online)
  • New door hardware   (lowes)
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