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I know that many of you, on here, refinish, repair and repurpose wood pieces. If you use wood putty on a regular basis, you really must check this stuff out.
I bought this little chair, at a thrift store, for around $25.00. Only problem was.....
The left, front leg looked like this. Perfectly camouflaged with the brown marker, right?
I'm guessing that somebody's pup used it as a chew toy. Anyway, I was sure that I could fix it. So I went to my local Home Depot to pick up a wood repair kit. I guess I had no idea how expensive that stuff was. It was going to cost me almost as much as the chair did, so I looked around. That's when I spotted this stuff......
This is a large can, but the can that I originally bought was 1 pound and it set me back a whole 2 or 3 bucks. It said, on the can, that it was "moldable", so I decided to give it a try. I started by nailing little brads into the "injured" part of the leg (I thought it might help the putty stay on). I then mixed up my's a powder, so you only mix what you need and to the consistency that you want.
It went on so easy. I mixed it slightly thinner than a clay consistency. Once I had it on there, I covered it with plastic wrap to let it dry. Once dry, I did have to use a rasp to file down some wrinkles, then used sandpaper to smooth it out.
Not bad, huh.......I was so pleased!
I was able to find a paint that matched the other legs and voilà, new leg! Now I just have to reupholster it. This was a more involved project, but this stuff is my go to wood filler any time I want to repair something or simply fill in nail holes. It's great, because you only mix what you need and it dries fast......I love this stuff!! I don't know if it takes stain or not, as I usually paint what I'm working on. I just thought you should know!
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