Clean your tub with a broom

Grab the dish soap and a brand new broom for this brilliant cleaning hack! Get tutorial here

Use hot glue to replace broken molding

Never fear of scooping up broken roadside furniture again, 'cause this trick will save any piece! Get tutorial here

Use vinegar & steel wool to transform wood

Upgrade an old headboard or tabletop with this wild steel wool & vinegar technique. Get tutorial here

Turn mini blinds into high-end roman shades

Roman shades can be a bit pricey, but you can get them easily with fabric and mini blinds. Get tutorial here

Use a sponge to beautify your bathroom

Make your bathroom beautiful with this simple & stylish sponge makeover method. Get tutorial here

Use hula hoops to get magazine-worthy storage

These circular shelves were all the rage in stores this year, and they're almost too easy to DIY. Get tutorial here

Make hot glue stencils to upgrade fabric

You can turn hot glue into literally whatever design strikes your fancy and use it to imprint a pattern on pillows, sheets, etc. Get tutorial here

Reupholster a worn couch with hot glue

Forget the headache of sewing and stapling, this is the shortcut you need for 2020! Get tutorial here

Beautify your furniture with upholstery nails

Add a bit of beauty to your furniture by creating unique designs with upholstery nails. Get tutorial here

Stick washi tape up as a backsplash

Cover your kitchen wall in small strips of washi tape for this faux tile backsplash. Get tutorial here

Use electrical tape to makeover a wall

You know those fancy stenciled makeovers? You can get the same effect with a few strips of tape! Get tutorial here

Press clay onto cans for instant decor

All it takes is a few rolled up bits of clay and a tin can to make faux-chunky knit countertop decor. Get tutorial here

Flip over a basket to make a coffee table

Find any large basket and turn it into beautiful patio furniture in 2 quick steps! Get tutorial here

Refresh stairs with coconut oil & wallpaper

It may sound strange, but this staircase revamp was one of the most popular ideas this year! Get tutorial here

Coil plain rope into a designer rug

You don't need to spend all that dough on high-end floor decor, just grab some rope! Get tutorial here

Dye your sofa cover in the washing machine

In 2019, we learned that it's easier to give your sofa a fresh face than we thought! Get tutorial here

Turn plain vases designer with lace & paint

Spray paint a lacy pattern on boring, old vases to turn them into designer beauties. Get tutorial here

Add your own DIY labels to dishes

You don't have to settle for plain dishes in 2020, because this clever label hack is here to save you! Get tutorial here

Clean your toilet with Coke

It's just that simple--grab the Coke, enjoy the sparkle. Thank you 2019 for the DIY goodness! Get tutorial here