Hang a Privacy Curtain With Magnets

Ann M
by Ann M
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I needed to hang a privacy curtain for guests that were coming to stay the weekend.
Love my Silhouette blinds but they aren't great for night time privacy and in addition we recently had our landscape lighting upgraded to led and that bedroom is now as bright as a neon sign!
Yes I could easily turn the lights off, but that didn't address the privacy issue.
I wanted to create one solution for two problems.
Guest bedroom window in daytime
This really created a dilemma for me because I absolutely did not want anything hung permanently. We only have guests occasionally and I like the clean look without a curtain or drape hanging.So I came up with a way to hang a curtain that can be installed within seconds each evening and not have anything cumbersome remaining once it's removed each morning.
Magnets, glue dots and white out
I used 10 magnets. These are very strong. You can barely pull them apart. My plan was to attach 5 of the 10 magnets to the top of the window casing somewhat permanently but since they are black and would be extremely noticeable, I used White-Out to trim the edge white so it would blend in with the white Window trim. You could also paint these but I didn't have a lot of time to put on several coats of paint and wait for it to dry so this worked great.
Pull the tape to expose the white out
Pull out the strip from the dispenser and roll the magnet edge along, using the previously emptied plastic strip (a cellophane piece remains) to press the white out firmly until it sticks. It only takes seconds to get the hang of it. Of course if you arent in a rush, go ahead and paint the edge of the magnet. The bottom and top won't show. And if you don't have white woodwork your magnets won't be so visible so you can delete this step.
Place magnet on glue dots
Now that the magnet edge is "painted" place each of the 5 magnets on a glue dot pressing firmly so dot adheres to magnet. Move to another glue dot and again pick up another dot. Place each of the 5 magnets, each with 2 glue dots, on top of the window casing, first making sure you dust off the casing very well!Press down firmly. I call this a semi permanent attachment as again, I did not want anything permantly attached. If you do, use E-6000 letting it dry 12 to 24 hours.
White magnet on top of window casing
The white magnets are visible but not as much as they'd be if left black.
Beautiful quilt made by my friend Linda
Now you simply attach your privacy curtain- or your quilt(😉) with your five remaining magnets. In the morning you simply pull the fabric away leaving a bright sunny window and at night re-position with the loose magnets. And then because your white magnets remain attached, you'll always be ready for your next guest!
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  • White out or paint   (Had it)
  • Magnets   (Had it)
  • Glue dots   (Had it)
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  • Lisa Poser Lisa Poser on Aug 04, 2017

    how do you attach the magnets to the fabric?

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  • William William on Jul 12, 2017

    Genius idea! Great temporary solution!

  • Sheri Powell Sheri Powell on Aug 12, 2017

    I've been racking my brain to solve a similar situation without having to put something up permanently. This is perfect! Thanks so much for sharing.