Soda Bottle Pillow Box Gift Holder

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A pillow box is nifty little invention that’s perfect for putting a small gift inside of. They are magically self closing and most are made from cardstock. But we’re going to show you how to make one from a plastic soda bottle! It’s easy and fun.
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1. Cut the end off a straight sided clear soda bottle.
Flatted it and press down on two sides with something making a very sharp crease.
Find something that will make a nice shallow curve in the end of your bottle and mark with with a dry erase marker. Do this on both sides.
Cut along your mark.
This is the part is a little tricky. Take your bowl and face it the OTHER way on each end.
Make sure to score it with the knife all the way to the corners. As the scoring will not go through to the back side, you will need to flip the container over and do the same thing to the back side, then repeat the same thing on the other end.
Carefully bend down on the crease you made with the knife and fold it inward.
Pinch the crease some if needed to help it bend inward.
To close your container you close one flap in, then the other. Do this on both sides.
Suggested materials:
  • Clear Straight Sided Soda Bottle
  • X-acto knife
  • Small bowl, cup or plate to match the end of your bottle
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  • Debra Bergert Debra Bergert on Jul 02, 2017
    I use smaller pill bottles for: straight pins, push pins, extra christmas lights that go together, different color or size or kind of my beads for jewlery or crafts, buttons, earrings, cat/dog treats for purse, fake nails, hanging nails, cut emery boards into small pieces to carry in purse, change, twistie ties, staples, ... and it goes on and on. funny thing tho, i guess i am either lazy or just have always felt to keep them clear so you can see the objects, but have never colored or decorated them. maybe the lids for identification but not the bottle itself. i hate to throw them away and no drugstore have i found yet that has a return for reuse, i asked once and they said the pharmaceutical companies are not interested. theres a BUNCH OF WASTED MONEY GOING DOWN THE DRAIN RIGHT????????

    • Yeah pharmaceutical companies aren't into "being green" I'm afraid. But those little bottles are great for holding all kinds of things!

  • Dee Dee on Sep 14, 2019

    Absolutely love this idea!!!