Painting Fabric With Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan

Big White Goose
by Big White Goose
I think I am addicted to painting the worse and dirtiest type of fabric I can find these days..LOL. This is a little experiment. The old yellow chairs were left in a barn for years. The yellow velvet was all shades of yellow and mustard, deeper in some areas than others. This chair got cleaned but not the fabric. I used Java Gel Stain on the frame and mixed Antibes and Aubusson Blue then painted like a mad women. It took two heavy coats as the velvet was soaking it up. Then I sanded with 220 grit, used 600 grit to soften it even further, then waxed. OMG it is sooooo soft and feels like leather. You can still see where the marks in the original fabric are, so you could say that whatever you paint over, you will not loose its originality. Depending on how I go over the next few days, I intend to steam clean the fabric on one of the other chairs and see what a difference painting does to that. Either way, I just LOVE IT.. whoops! did I say that already?
Yellow Chair Before and Green After Painting
Java Gel Stain for the back. Fabric was a mix of Antibes, Aubusson Blue, more Antibes then Aubusson Blue. Always use lots of water when painting fabric. I paint the fabric with water first (warm water). Then paint 50/50 color of your choice. Then paint coat out of the can. Keep handy spray water bottle to keep the paint moving.

Let dry- sand with 220 grit.. smooth with 600 grit.. Clear Wax. Velvet feels like soft leather.
Love this mix of color.
Original chair and fabric. Yellow velvet was very dirty and marked.
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  • How do I get those chairs!?! That's the dining set I grew up with and need to replace some chairs. I've looking for the past decade and there is no trace of them. You don't know how much it would mean to me I think I would cry.

  • Poo39647115 Poo39647115 on Oct 18, 2021

    Excellent project, they are beautiful! When you said paint 50/50, is that 50% paint and 50% water? Thank you.