6 Up and Coming Flooring Trends to Look for in 2015

by DixieSomers
Are you thinking about replacing your current flooring? Perhaps you're having a difficult time trying to decide between different styles or materials. If so, look to the trends of 2015 to give you some inspiration: Take a look at six up and coming floor trends that will be very popular this year:
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Vinyl: The New Look of Luxury

Luxury vinyl is in great demand due to its super easy care and various styles that simulate wood planks or stone. Luxury vinyl is now making its way into many homes across the country and can accommodate virtually any style. It has a versatile quality that enables floors to easily transform into the authentic look of stone or wood, which is why it is so popular.
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Porcelain Tile Ink Jet Designs

Porcelain tile can now be printed to look just like stone or fabric. However, it's much easier and practical to maintain than real, natural stone. The tile color is consistent throughout, and offers many beautiful options.
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Wood: The Natural Choice

Because many homeowner's desire open floor plans where the living area and kitchen is merged, the use of hardwood floors creates a seamless, unified atmosphere that's open and inviting. Hardwood is a long-time favorite for countless homeowners. Nothing can replace the nostalgic overall feel that rich, hardwood floors can offer.
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Modern-Day Patterned Carpet

Thanks to the latest advances in today's manufacturing technology, patterned carpet has become very popular. Its unique patterns are fresh and bold, and make a huge statement in the room or even on staircases. Some of the key features of patterned carpet include:

• Resistance to loss of color due to sunlight

• Most styles offer a lifetime stain resistant guarantee, including pet stains

• Eco-friendly, green product that can be used over and over again
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Resilient Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is hand-scraped and constructed from renewable sources. The finish is scratch-resistant, highly durable, and eco-friendly. Engineered wood is super easy to install and is made from a variety of woods including cherry, walnut, maple, and hickory.
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Eco-Friendly Cork

Eco-friendly, nontoxic cork is a green, sustainable material, which means that the bark can quickly grow back and be repeatedly harvested. Here are just some of the reasons why homeowners love cork flooring so much:

• Natural sound absorber for more quiet floors

• Comfortable, resilient, and warm underfoot

• Easy to install, maintain, and keep clean
From coast to coast, beautiful home flooring is a long-term investment that makes a lasting impression. Floor trends are thriving in 2015 that favor a variety of hot looks and styles including luxurious vinyls, technically advanced carpets, and the warm look of woods.
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