An Apple Box, Rusted Out Mattress Springs & Solar Lights = Cuteness!!!

1 Hour

This was a super simple project that turned out so cute! It adds a nice soft glow to our patio space in the evening.
Start off with an old apple crate.
I've had this apple crate around for quite awhile just waiting to get used in some way.
Add some old rusted out mattress springs.
My son and I found this piece on the side of the road. I didn't know what I wanted to do with it when I found it but I knew it held potential!
Solar lights with the stakes removed.
I purchased some solar lights from Walmart for only 88 cents each & removed the stakes for putting them into soil.
Putting it all together!
I used the apple crate as the base, topped it with the mattress spring and added the solar lights.
Next comes the filler!
I found these tiny terra cotta pots at the local dollar store and they were either 3/$1 or 4/$1, either way they were cheap! I added the potting soil and some small flowers.
Side view during the day.
Side view during the day.
Top view at dusk
Top view at dusk
Side view at dusk
Side view at dusk. This all came together really easy, the only thing I'll change out next summer will be to use succulents instead of flowers as these dried out so quickly.

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  • Renata
    on Jun 5, 2016

    Love ur idea DJ. I am also trying to remember where I've seen ur name or met u. Being from pretty much same neck of the woods I'm wondering if u go to fairs or craft shows? I know it will hit me , as always, just outta the blue but right now I havent been hit, lol.

    • DJ Designs WA
      DJ Designs WA
      on Jun 6, 2016

      Hi! It could easily be from craft shows. I've done several around the area, I also have a FB page and an Etsy store too. If you think of it I'd love to know! Darcie

  • Renata
    on Jun 5, 2016

    Another question I have is what is the purpose of the base? Would it work the same if the springs were painted and just sat on the patio?

    • DJ Designs WA
      DJ Designs WA
      on Jun 6, 2016

      The base was just to add another element/texture. It also gives the piece elevation so that the light shadows can show on the patio.

  • RichandTammy Whiteside
    RichandTammy Whiteside
    on Jul 16, 2016

    This is so beautiful! You had mentioned using succulents which would be equally as attractive but the beautiful colors would be lost. Why not add something to the pots to help retain more moisture?

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  • Claire Thomas
    Claire Thomas
    on May 22, 2019

    Where did you get a small bed springs?

    Love this idea.

    • Phyllis
      on May 29, 2019

      They found them by the road.

      My bed that I've slept on for the last 30 years is antique and has the springs instead of a box spring. Comfy.

  • Valerie Angel
    Valerie Angel
    on May 22, 2019

    Really awesome. Maybe I will mount the springs on a wall I have and put a flowering vine on it!! Oh and paint it Disneyland green!

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