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Copper Patina and Rust Container Gardens

What do you do when you love garden fresh tomatoes and herbs but you don't like to weed and you don't want to pull the water hose all through your back 40? You plant a container garden. And not just any container garden. A beautiful metal patina'd container garden.
  • Video of the painting process.
We started with galvanized tubs from Tractor Supply that we purchased for $99 each. They were 2x4 ft. We installed casters on the bottom and drilled holes for drainage.
Next we primed with the Modern Masters Metal Effects primer.
Then we painted with Modern Masters Metal Effects Iron Paint and let dry overnight.
Primed and painted, waiting for paint to dry.
Next we sprayed them with the Modern Masters Rust Activator. This is a photo of the finish developing in the sun.
Then we brushed on some Modern Masters copper reactive paint and while that was still wet we sprayed on blue and green patina aging solution. Then we planted out container garden with fresh veggies and herbs.
I decided I wanted more blue and green patina on the containers for fall so we painted on some Modern Masters Permacoat Xtreme and let that dry. Then we brushed on some more copper reactive paint and while that was wet we sprayed it again with the blue and green patina aging solution. This is the final result replanted for fall.

Materials used for this project:

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To see more: http://bella-tucker.com/2015/11/copper-patina-and-rust-container-gardens/

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