Not Just Another Red Door #UnicornSPiTStain

This is a beautiful home that was in need of a bold touch.. Grey house, grey front door and concrete front walk, I suggested the owner in go bold and go RED!
First and because it was a metal front door, a anti rusted treatment was applied.
Then I chose a variety of 5 different shades of red with 2 shades of shades of orange and dark grey..
For the base colors I used flat finish waterbase paint and mixed with Pixie Dust to get a chalk finish...
Start with your favorite shade of red and then keep blending colors until one quart of the area is covered...
At this point it should be a little dry and you will be able to apply on top your natural enhancer.. The

In orange color this natural stain applied on top of any red or orange base color, will make the color look vibrant and beautiful..
Molly Red Pepper
Phoenix Fire
Lemon Kiss
Applied the stain in some ramdom areas to get different shades and textures.
After it was dry, I applied 2 coats of Polycrilyc to seal the paint.
The magic of Pixie Dust and Unicorn Spit Stain ❤️

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