Fun & Functional Laundry Room Makeover Ideas to Make Wash Day a Cinch

It’s easy for your laundry room to wind up a jumble of unsorted clothes, hangers, and assorted junk. But if your laundry room is drowning in clutter, you’ll use twice as much time on laundry when you’d rather be relaxing with your family. These laundry room makeover ideas will keep things running smoothly and looking good!
Make Sure your Needs Are Covered
The first step in your laundry room makeover is to make sure your laundry needs are covered. Will you be doing a lot of ironing in your laundry room? Make a designated space for ironing, with easy-to-reach hangers, starch, water bottle, hanging rod, and other supplies nearby. Do you do a high volume of laundry? Incorporate a good folding table that is just the right height for you, invest in a cushioned mat to stand on, and think about a wall-mounted TV above the folding table. Consider which specific things you use your laundry room for the most while you’re planning your makeover, and then make sure you make those tasks as easy as possible.
Use your Vertical Space
Laundry rooms are often on the small side, so it’s important to maximize your vertical storage space. This laundry room makeover used the hollow space between wall studs to hide a little fold-away ironing board and shelves for starch and other laundry products. These kitchen-style wooden wall cabinets give even this walk-through laundry space plenty of storage for laundry detergent and other items, and this setup uses the space between the cabinets and the washer and dryer as additional cabinet space enclosed by decorative drawer-pull-style doors, rather than just leaving it as empty space.
Incorporate Things that Make your Job Easier
Above all else, your laundry room is a functional room. Just like your kitchen and bathroom, if your laundry room becomes cluttered and disorganized, it will keep you from getting the job done and chaos will ensue. The best thing you can do to make things easier in your laundry room is to keep it organized.
There are a lot of other simple steps you can take that will make your job much easier. One is to keep separate bottles of stain pre-treatment in the bathroom and in the laundry room. You discover some stains when you’re getting undressed, but others slip by and you don’t notice them until you’re putting the clothes in the washer. This will keep you from running back and forth in search of the stain pre-treatment.
One step that is a little more involved but will save you loads of time is to arrange your laundry room in “work zones” like you do your kitchen. Stand in the spot where you will perform a key task, such as loading the laundry, and then make sure that everything you will need for that task—detergent, fabric softener, stain pre-treatment, etc.—is within easy reach. If you have a tiny walk-through laundry area, this might be your only work zone. If you have a larger laundry room, you might also have an ironing work zone with an iron, hangers, spray bottle, starch, a hanging rod, etc., and a folding zone with a laundry basket and hangers. These zones will save you thousands of steps and countless hours.
Another big time-saver is to invest in a multi-chambered clothes hamper, if you have the room. This will allow you to pre-sort the laundry into lights, darks, whites and delicates before it’s time to do the washing, so you will know when you have a full load of each, and to speed up loading time. You’ll be glad you did!
Here are more ideas for your laundry room makeover, and more easy DIY room makeovers. And with holidays right around the corner, here are 7 essential de-cluttering tips so you can relax and enjoy the company!
Photos courtesy of Maegan Tintari and Maegan Tintari.

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