How to Do an Easy Shelf & Cabinet Makeover With Pole Wrap

Minwax sent me a plain, boring cabinet so I could do a makeover using their stains. I began my cabinet makeover by envisioning the changes I wanted to make.

There are so many cabinet makeover ideas out there so really think about it and then decide on the placement of the cabinet. I decided I wanted to put the new cabinet in the laundry room. Let me show you what I did.

Tools and materials

  • Cabinet
  • Red oak board
  • Minwax Wood Effects in Weathered Gray
  • Minwax Driftwood
  • Sandpaper (light, fine grit)
  • Red oak pole wrap
  • Clamps
  • Crown molding
  • Hardware for the cabinet
  • Saw
  • Wood glue
  • Paintbrushes
  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
Testing samples of stain

Step 1: Adding a shelf

First I wanted to add a shelf, so I tested a bunch of samples on a red oak board.

Minwax Wood Effects
We chose the Minwax Wood Effects formula in Weathered Gray. It applies like water.

Drying wood
This stain gives the wood an aged look as it dries, eliminating the pink tones, so it looks more like stained white oak.

Cutting the pole wrap panels
Cutting the pole wrap

Step 2: Cut and stain the pole wrap

We cut the pole wrap to fit the cabinet

Staining the pole wrap
Applying the Wood Effects to the pole wrap
Next I applied the Wood Effects to a sheet of red oak pole wrap.

Applying Minwax Driftwood
This wood didn't really have the pink tones like the shelf and the color was too gray, so I gave it a light sanding and layered on a coat of Minwax Driftwood, which gave it perfect neutral coloring.

Installing the shelf
Placing the cabinet

Step 3: Installing the shelf

We installed the shelf and put the cabinet in place.

Applying wood glue to the panels
Attaching pole wrap to the doors

Step 4: Attaching pole wrap to the doors

First, we applied the panels to the doors, clamping them in place to dry overnight. The doors were reinstalled and we lifted the cabinet into place.

Installing the blocking
Wrapping the top section
Applying wood glue
Finishing the side, top, and bottom

Step 5: Finishing the side, top, and bottom

We installed the top panel after the side panels were added. We decided to add a strip along the shelf to make it more uniform.

Adding the crown molding

Step 6: Crown molding

We finished it off with crown molding stained to match and added hardware.

Cabinet result
Cabinet makeover

Cabinet makeover

We love the texture and the elevated look of the pole wrap on this cabinet. The custom stain color gives the illusion of expensive white oak. Thanks to this DIY cabinet makeover idea, my laundry room is going to be gorgeous!

Let me know if you have used pole wrap and what you used it for. I love the idea so I’m looking for more ways to use it. Let me know in the comments!

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