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On Choosing Hardwood Flooring

When we purchased our home, the main areas (kitchen, dining room, foyer, living room and hall) plus the bathrooms, were all tile. All four of our bedrooms, however, are covered in laminate wood flooring. It’s decent-looking. But all four of them are DIFFERENT FINISHES.
It’s enough to drive an OCD person like myself just plain NUTS!
So it’s been on the list from the beginning to replace all the tile (because I despise grout) with hardwood, and go ahead and carry that into a couple or all four of the bedrooms. I don’t mind a bit of difference here and there…I just don’t think there’s any need for 6 different types of flooring in one house. (Which is what we have, if you count the carpets in the closets, ha!)
But I had no idea how to actually CHOOSE what kind of wood floors to install!
What about the finishes? The colors? What wears best? The hardness and durability?
So I'm thankful I came across and was able to share an infographic that made my choice much easier. (See link - the infograph is too long to fit here!)

To see more: http://theroadtodomestication.com/2015/06/10/on-choosing-a-hardwood-floor/

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