Landscaping Ideas for Zone 6a

there is a crimson king maple in the front and will shade the right side of the house some. the drive that lead into the portaco doesn't have anything to obstruct the morning sun. The front of the house faces east. drive is south so might get some afternoon sun on the right side of the house then. I posted a pic before but this might give everyone a better idea of what I am working with.
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      • Douglas Hunt
        Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
        on May 15, 2013

        I'm not entirely sure what your question is, Rindy. Are you looking to provide more shade in your front yard? I don't see the maple in your photo, but that tree will get 35-40 feet high and 25-35 feet wide, so you want to keep that in mind when planting anything else.

        • Rindy Bergbower
          Rindy Bergbower Marion, IL
          on May 15, 2013

          actually I was needing ideas as what to plant in front of the house. I was thinking that brick wall needed to be covered up but not obstruct the view and the entry onto the porch needed to be more inviting.