Asked on Mar 27, 2012

Does anyone know what this is?

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Just turn them upside down and open them, then insert a roll of paper towel and tada, you have yourself a brand new paper towel holder that is not only beautiful, but has history and meaning!
Clever way to re-purpose it.
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  • DeMarie I
    DeMarie I
    on Mar 28, 2012

    Ice tongs. Growing up in Philly, I remember a woman who lived on our street still had an "ice box" and the ice man would deliver blocks of ice and used tongs that looked like these. He use to throw us kids a few big "chips" and we'd suck on them for a while!!

  • LandlightS
    on Mar 28, 2012

    My father used these as a "milkman" in Buffalo, NY so any years ago for his delivery truck. And I used to get big chips of ice to suck on also

  • Great memories of simpler times. Thank you all for sharing (:

  • Susan S
    Susan S
    on Mar 29, 2012

    Kevin - well of course Dawlinq!!! LOL : ~ )

  • Dianna S
    Dianna S
    on Mar 29, 2012

    My husband's father was an ice man. It looks like a tool he used to carry blocks of ice.

  • Diane C
    Diane C
    on Mar 29, 2012

    Yes, these are ice tongs

  • Emily C
    Emily C
    on Mar 29, 2012

    For picking up an ice block WAAAAAAY back when :)

  • Bill B
    Bill B
    on Mar 29, 2012

    I used a smaller one for toilet paper. Ice tongs.

  • BJ W
    BJ W
    on Mar 29, 2012

    Or to move bails of hay

  • Tim B
    Tim B
    on Mar 29, 2012

    i agree with ice tongs, but I like the idea for toilet paper

  • Ginny G
    Ginny G
    on Mar 29, 2012

    I have one of them and have wondered for years how much it is worth. I bought mine years ago at my aunts antique store for just a couple dollars. I used it for a paper towel holder too, but it held the towels too tight, had to use both hands to get a piece off. Not real handy. But wouldn't get rid of it.

  • Cynthia R
    Cynthia R
    on Mar 29, 2012

    lg ice block holder

  • Noreen Y
    Noreen Y
    on Mar 29, 2012

    Ice picker-upper.

  • Vera D
    Vera D
    on Mar 29, 2012

    An ice picker upper for when they delivered ice for the ice-box.

  • Cathy L
    Cathy L
    on Mar 29, 2012

    Showing my age here! I remember as a kid when the "ice man" came & use these to bring in a big block of ice for our "ice box"!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Christine G
    Christine G
    on Mar 30, 2012

    ice block hooks. Years ago ice men brought ice to home and put it into the ice box.

  • Susan S
    Susan S
    on Mar 30, 2012

    Well Lee Anne, looks like the over-whelming consensus is you've got yourself a genuine antique Charmin or Bounty holder!!! LOL Things like that are so neat though. The sad thing is that my grandkids generation and maybe even our kids wouldn't have a clue!!!

  • Carolyn B
    Carolyn B
    on Mar 30, 2012

    I had an Ice Box when I was a kid and Ice was delivered , they would use the Ice Tongs to carry the ice into the house, lots of drips too.. My Mom was always wiping up behind the ice man.. He would give all the kids a chunk of ice to eat after he was done..Sometimes we would run behind his truck till he stopped and gave us some ice..Good Ole days!!

  • Marylee
    on Mar 30, 2012

    They are antique ice tongs.They were used to pick up blocks of ice for old refrigerators. An ice wagon would travel the neighborhoods selling and delivering the blocks.

  • Naomi J
    Naomi J
    on Mar 30, 2012

    I use one of these as a paper towel holder in a cabin, its fun to re-purpose.

  • Smokey E
    Smokey E
    on Apr 8, 2012

    These are ice tongs, for carrying block ice from the lake to the ice house in the "old days".

  • Phil Bauman
    Phil Bauman
    on Apr 9, 2012

    Except for us city slickers, who had the ice toted up from a truck to the ice box.

  • I actually have an old oak ice box. It must weigh 200 pounds. I will take a photo and post it.

  • Barbara C
    Barbara C
    on Jun 6, 2012

    probably ice tongs from the days when "ice boxes" really were ice boxes,lol

  • Pat
    on Jun 6, 2012

    Looks like the ice tongs that were used when you got ice in blocks from an ice house back in the day.

  • Grannybaer
    on Jan 27, 2015

    It looks like the tongs to pick up a large block of ice for a ice box

  • Dotrobbins
    on Feb 23, 2015

    ice men used them long ago.

  • Marie
    on Feb 23, 2015

    Yes, I remember the ice man carrying ice up the stairs when we lived in Chicago,,,ages ago....Even remember the card that mom put in the window to tell him how much to bring..Also the coal man...

  • Jane R.
    Jane R.
    on Feb 24, 2015

    As others stated, they are ice tongs. As a kid I remember my parents going to the ice house to get a block of ice. Then they used an ice pick and hammer or something similar, to break the ice into pieces and put them in an ice chest to keep fish cold when we went fishing. I happen to have one of these but it's just in the garage and don't think I'll use it for anything. It couldn't be made into anything I'd use in my house.

  • Brenda Cooley
    Brenda Cooley
    on Mar 9, 2015

    It's to pick up logs.

    • B. Enne
      B. Enne
      on Jun 4, 2015

      @Brenda Cooley That's what I thought initially too...The 2 are very similar. This one seems a little more square and wide, so I'm guessing that those who said they are ice tongs are probably right.

  • Pat880866
    on Mar 10, 2015

    Yes,ice tongs!

  • Kaycampbelljones
    on May 2, 2015


  • Gladys
    on May 15, 2015

    When I was a (city) kid, we had a red headed "Ice Man" who would deliver the large blocks of ice, right into the kitchen and put them in the Ice Box (non-electric fridge). He'd use the tongs to get the ice block from his truck and sling it up onto his shoulder, and had a thick towel over his shoulder to protect his shoulder and shirt. The ice blocks were heavy. We always looked forward to his coming, and sometimes we'd go to the Ice House where we stored meat that we had had butchered. They rented out space in their freezer section. This was back in the 1940's.

  • Arline S
    Arline S
    on Jun 3, 2015

    At our house he carried ice up to the 2nd floor and put it in the box.You had a reversable card you put in your window to let him know how much you needed each time.Someone had to empty to drip tray under the box, so as not to overflow.What a job.

  • Jane R.
    Jane R.
    on Jun 8, 2015

    I have one of these. Thinking about selling it. Anyone know what it's worth?

  • Tracy Wright
    Tracy Wright
    on Jun 30, 2015

    Looks like what they use for lifting ice blocks.

  • Sheri Ritchery
    Sheri Ritchery
    on Jun 30, 2015

    Looks like tongs that were used to pick up large block of ice back in the day before crushed ice machines.

  • Connie Burgess
    Connie Burgess
    on Jun 30, 2015

    We had an icebox before electric fridge. Ice block sat in bottom to keep contents cool. Ice blocks were cut from frozen river & layered with straw to use in spring, summer & fall. A tray to collect water under ice had to be emptied regularly. Young men with strong bodies delivered the blocks to homes etc.

  • Rita Fabro
    Rita Fabro
    on Aug 17, 2015


  • Kathy
    on Aug 17, 2015

    YEPPERS and Ice block clamp...the ice man used one to pick them Lassie..LOL We had hung in the block fridge was now a protane refrigerator. Winds took out power our too often to rely on electricity. A long time ago..

  • Wanda sinnema
    Wanda sinnema
    on Sep 2, 2015

    Ice tongs is correct.....Back in the day, Ice was delivered in huge blocks by wagons. these tongs were used to pick the huge blocks up and put into the "ice box" prior to the refrigerators coming on the scene..

  • Mona Hetfield
    Mona Hetfield
    on Sep 7, 2015

    my husband has these and they are for picking up firewood after its cut. I've used them

  • Alejandra Piraino Segovia
    Alejandra Piraino Segovia
    on Oct 4, 2015


  • Terra Gazelle
    Terra Gazelle
    on Oct 6, 2015

    For blocks of ice...

  • Georgia Lyman
    Georgia Lyman
    on Dec 4, 2015

    ice tongs

  • Marie
    on Dec 4, 2015

    Yes, ice tongs, I remember it well.....

  • UpState
    on Dec 11, 2015

    Old-style baby delivery forceps. Pretty much 'out of style' nowadays.

  • UpState
    on Dec 11, 2015

    That's a very good and sensible use, too ! Thanks !

    • Bernice H
      Bernice H
      on Dec 11, 2015

      Ohhhh my,I can't imagine this near my nether parts! @culpepper.....can you? And I certainly wouldn't use it for decoration if it was forceps. Glad to know these are for ice. How did this thread get renewed from 2012? Interesting!

  • UpState
    on Dec 11, 2015

    Good thing medical science had progressed, eh ?

  • Gladys
    on Jan 27, 2016

    I'm now in the market for some of clever.

  • UpState
    on Jan 28, 2016

    Some older gynecologists may have some for sale since they use them very infrequently nowadays.

  • Marie
    on Jan 28, 2016

    Yes, they are ice tongs...when people had ice delivered to their door.....I remember the ice man,......

  • Tracy Hudson
    Tracy Hudson
    on Jan 28, 2016

    definitely ice tongs. my cousin has our great-grandfather's. what a wonder repurpose, love the idea!

  • Deltamom
    on Jan 29, 2016

    Ice tongs. Back in the day when ice was sold in blocks from the 'ice house'!

  • Folkert B
    Folkert B
    on Feb 1, 2016

    It is an ice tong. My Uncle sold ice in San Antonio in 1939 and carried blocks of ice to ice boxes in customers homes.

  • Duv310660
    on Feb 5, 2016

    I'm pretty sure my father used his to move big logs into our large fireplace, but his childhood home definitely chilled with ice!

  • Candy Shields
    Candy Shields
    on Apr 29, 2016

    It's a log mover; but I like how you use it for paper towels.. cute idea and repurposing it to make it useful if you don't have a fire place!

  • Pat880866
    on May 1, 2016

    It's used to handle blocks. When you only had an ice box, they delivered ice blocks using these ice tongs.

  • Lois Keffer
    Lois Keffer
    on May 7, 2016

    It looks like the tongs my aunt used to remove clinkers from her coal furnace.

  • Sharon Trotter
    Sharon Trotter
    on May 7, 2016

    It's an ice tong.

  • Ruth E
    Ruth E
    on May 9, 2016

    Ice tong

  • Bva2035791
    on May 10, 2016

    Old ice tongs

  • Kent jardine
    Kent jardine
    on May 10, 2016

    To carry blocks of ice when cut out of a lake.

  • Leslee Gahafer
    Leslee Gahafer
    on May 10, 2016

    Block ice tongs

  • Phyllis rothemeyer
    Phyllis rothemeyer
    on May 10, 2016

    huge ice thongs

  • Kathy Steinlicht
    Kathy Steinlicht
    on May 10, 2016

    You have the answer above but I agree , an Ice tong

  • Kathie galloway
    Kathie galloway
    on May 10, 2016

    I have one it was for carring ice blocks

  • Anne Shelton
    Anne Shelton
    on May 10, 2016

    "tongs" for firewood

  • Grandmamontana
    on May 10, 2016

    It was used for blocks of Ice back in the day before refrigeration

  • Stella Ashley
    Stella Ashley
    on May 10, 2016

    Long before we had conveyor belts invented, the guys had to get big blocks of ice from one place to the next. These Ice Tongs were used to hold on to the block in order to move it from place to place. When I was a child my grandparents had an "ice" box. A block of ice was put on the top shelf inside the icebox. Because cold air moves to the bottom everything was kept cool. Things were kept cool unless you had about 20 grandchildren who had never seen something like that and wanted to get a piece of ice to suck on. Good memories.

  • Janet Richardson
    Janet Richardson
    on May 10, 2016

    Ice tongs..I have two pair.....great for moving logs or railroad ties...carry in wood in for the fire place...they have been used for all of these at our house....

  • F H Young
    F H Young
    on May 11, 2016

    They are tongs used to carry ice. Before refrigerators, people used ice boxes to keep their food cold. The ice man used the tongs to carry the big blocks of ice from the truck. He put the ice blocks in the ice box, people ordered the number of ice blocks they needed and paid a set fee for each block of ice.

  • Mary M. Prinzavalli
    Mary M. Prinzavalli
    on May 11, 2016

    At first I thought they might be used to put bales of hay into a barn. They called it bucking bales and was a very hard job. And then I also thought they were ice tongs and that is probably what they are. That is a very clever way to use them for the paper towels.

    • Diann Merritt Morales
      Diann Merritt Morales
      on May 12, 2016

      Actually, hay hooks look sort of similar to half of these ice tongs. There was usually a wooden handle and the metal was kind of flattened, so the wood would go into the palm of the hands and the metal went between the fingers. My dad grew alfalfa, which was baled into hay, so I saw plenty of hay hooks when I was a kid.

  • Ger6136274
    on May 11, 2016

    They are ice tongo used to move big blocks of ice

  • Hen2222465
    on May 11, 2016

    I come from a logging family and it looks like a log turner to me.

  • Mary M. Prinzavalli
    Mary M. Prinzavalli
    on May 12, 2016

    Thanks Diann Merritt Morales, I am so glad you corrected me. One I saw the picture I remember those too. Yes those must have been ice tongs. I lived in the country but we did not have bales but I did see a lot of the neighbors putting bales of hay in their barns. I guess I just do not know everything. LOL

  • Elaine
    on Jun 9, 2016

    These were used when ice boxes were still in use; before refrigerators came on the scene. The iceman would bring a chunk of ice into your kitchen using these tongs. While he was doing that, kids would steal small pieces of ice off his wagon to cool down on a hot day. Usually the wagon was horse drawn.

  • Carol
    on Jun 9, 2016

    I can still remember the ice man delivering ice for our ice box in a third floor walk-up apartment in New York City in the late 1940's. I know we also had coal delivered but I don't remember it being carried up three flights of stairs. Maybe it was delivered while I was at school and less frequently than the ice,

  • Joycepretzer
    on Jul 1, 2016

    Absolutely remember the iceman delivering ice to our back door using these tongs to carry it . He had a folded gunny sack or piece of leather over his shoulder and depending on size of block of ice, would grab the block from his truck using the tongs, sling the block over his shoulder and carry it to our back door. We had a metal sign which ice man could see from his truck, indicating the size of block we wanted him to deliver. Sign was kind of octgon shaped with numbers on each angle representing the weight of ice blocks, ie, 25 lbs etc. Whichever number was in the top position would be what ice man would deliver. In the summer he would often 'accidently' drop a small block of ice which we kids would always run to his truck to get a chunk of to cool us off..

  • Alice Shockley
    Alice Shockley
    on Jul 1, 2016

    LOL I could never use them. I had bad sciatica once and told my doctor that it felt like someone was taking a pair of ice tongs and trying to rip off the left side of my "lower back" with it! It's exactly like I pictured it in my head!

  • Brenda Cooley
    Brenda Cooley
    on Jul 7, 2016

    It is to pick up blocks of ice. But I really like what you are using it for.

  • Brenda Cooley
    Brenda Cooley
    on Jul 7, 2016

    To pick up blocks of ice

  • Patricia
    on Jul 25, 2016

    Use for picking. up block of ice

  • Ted Brydges
    Ted Brydges
    on Jul 28, 2016

    They are called ice tongs. We used to have to haul ice from the lake and haul it home, melt it down in the resavoir on our kitchen stove. We first had to saw the ice into big blocks, force them down in the water and grab them quick with the tongs when they bobed back up. Most people hauled the ice back to their farm or place of business on a bob sleigh pulled with a team of horses. Remember the big ice houses the railroads had. They packed them full of ice to use in refrigeration cars in the summer months. Sawdust was used to pack around the blocks of ice to keep them frozen.

  • Can3409579
    on Aug 7, 2016

    It ia an ice block hauler.

  • Sandy
    on Aug 7, 2016

    Ice tongs. We used to cut blocks of ice in the lake and these were used to haul the block out and up onto the horse drawn sled.

  • Kda5402111
    on Aug 7, 2016

    I agree ice tongs.

  • Mst8161222
    on Aug 7, 2016

    Ice Tong

  • Mga7538614
    on Aug 7, 2016

    Before refrigerators, ice men drove around in trucks selling blocks of ice for ice boxes. Blocks were 25 or 50 lbs. these tongs were used like clamps to carry these blocks of ice.

  • Shelli Roulst Niemi
    Shelli Roulst Niemi
    on Aug 7, 2016

    I hung mine and put a pice of pvc pipe to slide the paper towel roll on. The cardboard gets stuck but with the pvc it rolls better.

  • Sheila
    on Aug 7, 2016

    Many years ago, before electric refrigerators, homeowners had ice delivered to their homes and the delivery person used these type of tongs to bring the blocks of ice inside and put them into the ICE BOX!!!

  • Denspen
    on Aug 7, 2016

    log grabber

  • Barbara Tutty
    Barbara Tutty
    on Aug 7, 2016

    Yes it was used to pick up heavy blocks of ice for the old fridges

  • GA19586444
    on Aug 8, 2016

    ice tongs

  • Sgu10470598
    on Aug 21, 2016

    Tongs to carry blocks of ice.

  • Mary Kay Wissink
    Mary Kay Wissink
    on Aug 31, 2016

    My dad was an iceman in Iowa City,Iowa as I was growing up.....children following the truck...just to get a small chunk of ice during the hot summer weather...........

  • Ruthann
    on Sep 8, 2016

    Ice block tongs

  • Mary
    on Sep 27, 2016

    some used to grab hay bales

  • Sheila Rowland
    Sheila Rowland
    on Oct 5, 2016

    tongs to carry blocks of ice

  • Lak6361267
    on Nov 2, 2016

    Ice tongs which were used when wagons used to deliver huge ice blocks to homes. The ice sat on hay on the back of a wagon and the iceman brought it to your kitchen and put the ice in the bottom of your Icebox (refrigerator). My mom told me she and her twin sister used to run after the wagon and hold out their hands to catch the ice shavings as if flew of the back of the wagon. It's hot in Alabama and I know that was a treat for the no- air-conditioned days.

  • Clinita Kolesar
    Clinita Kolesar
    on Nov 13, 2016


  • Melbrooks
    on Nov 21, 2016

    Unusual use for the tongs... I use mine in the fireplace since I've never actually seen the ice blocks!

  • Nab13868087
    on Nov 26, 2016

    Ice tongs from not so long ago.
    on Dec 1, 2016

    I have a pair and they are just sitting on my fireplace with some old cookware . I like the paper towel holder idea. Thanks.

  • UpState
    on Dec 2, 2016

    ...another creative use for these would be for local highway departments to situate and harness a worker in the back of their pick-up truck and use these tongs to snatch raccoons and possums that unfortunately got hit - all while the pick-up drive maintains a steady and safe speed. For other animals like very large deer this would not be effective. Shovels would still be needed for those that were run-over multiple times.
  • Jenniepilant
    on Dec 15, 2016

    Tongs for blocks of ice
  • Amber Bailey
    Amber Bailey
    on Dec 15, 2016

    That size most definitely are/were used in ice
    boxs. For you younger readers, cold storage wasn't always a fridge and there was a man that delivered ice to your home Thank God for kelvinators
  • Bette Zwicker Gibson
    Bette Zwicker Gibson
    on Dec 21, 2016

    I have 2 of them as paper towel hangers. I mounted them with cup hooks, and use a piece of pvc pipe or metal rod so the towels roll freely.
  • Maria
    on Dec 22, 2016

    Totally agree....Ice tongs.
  • Teresa Mallonee Bishop
    Teresa Mallonee Bishop
    on Dec 30, 2016

    bubble gum" bubble" measure. LOL
  • Melody Drew
    Melody Drew
    on Jan 2, 2017

    cube ice carrier
  • Lst12556561
    on Jan 2, 2017

    back in the old days they were used to put blocks of ice in the top of an "ice" box, aka refrigerator
    • Barb Dauber
      Barb Dauber
      on Jan 9, 2017

      I remember the ice man making a delivery at the corner grocery store. He always wore a leather cover on his shoulder to protect himself from the cold ice blocks. Ice can also get an edge on it that can cut. He used to give us kids the large chunks that got chipped off.

  • Kathi Davis
    Kathi Davis
    on Jan 2, 2017

    Yup,ice tongs,my dad was the Ice Man for many years.

  • Judy Riley
    Judy Riley
    on Jan 3, 2017

    Ice tongs,for before electric refrigerators,they used to deliver ice blocks to the houses once or twice a week.
  • Lovena Rehn
    Lovena Rehn
    on Jan 3, 2017

    what ever you use them for please dont get rid of them you have a piece of history
  • Diceprincess
    on Jan 3, 2017

    Ice tongs! I hail from the northeast and these were used when the river was frozen during "cutting ice" season. The tongs were used to carry big blocks of the ice to be used for refrigeration many years ago.
  • Haz13514049
    on Jan 9, 2017

    Ice tongs
  • Int2363025
    on Jan 9, 2017

    I can go back farther in history......when you lived out in the country, a distance from the ice plant you would make that your last stop before you started home. 100# block would be placed on the bumper of the old car, wrapped and covered in blankets and away you would hurry home before tooooooo much melted. Then you used the ice tings to put in the ice box.
  • Dixie
    on Jan 9, 2017

    Back before there were refrigerators, there were ice boxes. They were generally oak. The top opened and a block of ice was placed inside the tin-lined container. Below this was the part which held your items which needed to be kept cool. There was a sign you placed in your front window with the upper number being the number of pounds of ice you needed for the iceman to bring. These tongs opened so the "teeth" held the block of ice which he delivered.
  • Sunny C
    Sunny C
    on Jan 9, 2017

    The Tongs are Antique Cast Iron ice Tongs. If for some reason you decide that you do not want them, I am sure that you can sell the tongs to someone whom would enjoy having them in their home.
    They truly are a piece of History and are well worth keeping.
    I wish that I had them!!!
  • Patricia
    on Jan 9, 2017

    Those are Ice tongs. Blocks of ice were delivered to each house to keep food from going bad. Later they were put into refrigerators. that was before electricity was use to keep food cold. Era 1900 or so.
  • Linda Dillon
    Linda Dillon
    on Jan 10, 2017

    Ice tongs. Saw some recently at an auction. They went for somewhere around $60

  • Eme6593149
    on Jan 13, 2017

    I recognized something from my childhood and yep I was right. A must use item so nice you might paint it a color you really like in your kitchen.
  • Ant11605640
    on Jan 17, 2017

    Yep they are ice tongs. I was born and raised in SW Virginia I was 12 years old before I knew there was such a thing as refrigerators lol. I have 2 sets of these, one set was my grand parents and the other was my parents. We always hithed old John to the wagon and went to the ice plant on Saturdays to get ice for the week. We also had a spring house we kept milk cream and butter in. One pair of these hangs on my kitchen wall along with my grandmothers washboard and her homemade cooking utensils.
  • Jan Koelsch
    Jan Koelsch
    on Jan 18, 2017

    I think those are ice tongs for use with literally an ice box.
  • Joan
    on Jan 20, 2017

    It might be worth something! I would check online :)
  • Connie
    on Jan 20, 2017

    To pick up ice blocks I believe
  • DeMarie I
    DeMarie I
    on Jan 22, 2017

    Tongs to pick up large blocks of ice. Back in the '50's our neighbor still had an ice box and the ice man would come once a week to deliver blocks to her. In the summer, we neighbor kids would stand around the ice truck and he'd throw off some big ice chips for us to suck on for relief from the sweltering Philly heat.
    on Jan 27, 2017

    Used back before refrigeration to lift and carry blocks of ice to put in the "home" ice chest.
  • Peggy Olsen
    Peggy Olsen
    on Jan 27, 2017

    Yep sure remeber them the ice truck would come by once a week and us kids would go get up in the truck when the man took the ice in the house and we would get chips of ice , I still have the gravel in my knee when I fell out lol I think I was about 5 years old 1941 or 42

  • Barbara Tutty
    Barbara Tutty
    on Jan 29, 2017

    ice picks for very big block pieces of ice, used in old fridges that sat outside the homes as they bought there groceries daily in those days.
  • Lucy Marie Bernier
    Lucy Marie Bernier
    on Jan 29, 2017

    That was used to grab blocks of ice. It's an antique. Like above responses. Turn it upside down and you got a paper towel holder!....👍👍👍
  • Patricia
    on Jan 30, 2017

    I grew up in Cleveland in the 30's and 40's. The Ice was collected in the winter on the shores of Lake Erie and stored in the Ice Factory along Lake Shore Blvd. We didn't have a refrigerator until the early 1940's. Also, as a side note, salt blocks were also gathered from Lake Erie and used for Cow licks on the farms. I remember taking some to our friends on a farm in Mt Galid. Boy does this take me back to a happy time.
  • Beverly Kohn
    Beverly Kohn
    on Feb 2, 2017

    Oops showing my age . It's an ice pick for chucks of ice from a truck for freezers which were called boxes hence the name. If not sharp any more hang from tree I use memory wire(forbracelets & necklaces jewelry in aisle) just hook end and bead to end of lenght you desired . Bend end into hook attach large spacers from hard ware store to each wire hung . Make sure ends are closed. Weight of spacers will weigh down memory wire. Must use memory wire cutter or stringcutter from husband , wire will ruin any other wire cutters

  • One8414992
    on Feb 3, 2017

    Yes, it is an ice grasper......The ice man used it to move the ice inside the homes ice box from his ice truck.

  • Sallie Stewart
    Sallie Stewart
    on Feb 3, 2017

    It's tongs for picking up ice blocks
  • Jennifer
    on Feb 4, 2017

    Tongs to pick up blocks of ice. I see you have already been told this
  • Ceejay
    on Feb 20, 2017

    Ice tongs---ah yes--childhood memories .........
  • Gordon Law
    Gordon Law
    on Feb 22, 2017

    It's the ice tongs that Moe used to grab Curly.
  • Ginny
    on Feb 23, 2017

    Ice tongs - I have one just like it and had it hanging on the wall in the basement at one time. I have seen people use them as paper towel holders and they looked great. Would leave it black as it other colors would take away from historic meaning of the item.
  • Diana Deiley
    Diana Deiley
    on Apr 18, 2017

    Well they are about 60+ years tongs. Nice find.
  • Angela Ley
    Angela Ley
    on Apr 22, 2017

    the are ice tongs, they were used for moving ice blocks. My grandmother use to tell me about them cutting ice from the river in the winter and using these to carry and move the ice around. She had a couple of sets of them in her home. They would cut the ice in the winter and store it in special designed "barns" and people would use the ice in their ice boxes (prior to the invention of the modern refrigerator)
  • 13526476
    on Apr 22, 2017

    One more comment. We burn wood and these are used to wrangle wood, pick up logs, move it...Helps keep fingers from being crushed, etc
  • Hel22288663
    on Apr 22, 2017

    It's a set of tongs, used back in the days when refrigeration didn't use Freon or whatever, food was kept fresh with the cool of the ice. Ice boxes, we had one when I was little.
  • Buck
    on Apr 22, 2017

    Ice Tongs /Ice men used them in the day to carry Ice when people had ice boxes. I am sure they still use them in Ice houses

  • Wke22727601
    on Apr 22, 2017

    They are Ice Tongs. When we were going on a trip we would stop at the Ice House and my Dad would get a block to put in the cooler. I also saw one that had been altered, by a blacksmith, to be used for lumber. The claws were opened up to the correct width and then were welded in that position. Then one of the handles was removed by the blacksmith. You had a very good replica of one of those log grippers, or rollers, what ever they were/are called
  • Aka27532880
    on Jul 8, 2017

    it looks very much like what they use to use to carry blocks of ice to the old type of frigs back in the 20's 30's.
  • We28518635
    on Jul 9, 2017

    antique carrier for blocks of ice when Ice used to be delivered by horse
  • Donna turrisi
    Donna turrisi
    on Jul 9, 2017

    It is an ice pick! Used to pick up large blocks of ic for your icebox in the day!
  • Louise Jones
    Louise Jones
    on Jul 9, 2017

    Looks like ice tongs. They use that to pick up Big Blocks of ice. Remember the old Ice House
  • Pam
    on Jul 9, 2017

    Ice tongs for picking up big blocks of ice
  • Michel Cromwell
    Michel Cromwell
    on Jul 9, 2017

    Before refrigeration, big blocks of ice would be delivered to your house to put in a big metal refrigerator type box, or concrete ice cellars...the delivery man would use these ice tongs/picks to pick the ice off the truck and carry into your cold storage area. My great grandparents had an above ground cold house where blocks of ice kept perishables cold.
  • Alu15740657
    on Jul 9, 2017

    It appears to be tongs that an ice delivery service used to deliver the ice for our 1940's icebox. The block of ice would sit under the icebox to keep it cold. He ice man would grab the ice between the two pointed ends and then carry inside holding it with the one hand with the oblong loop. My gosh that takes me back more than 60 years.
  • Robin Avis
    Robin Avis
    on Jul 13, 2017

    Ice blocks,
  • Pat Olshefski
    Pat Olshefski
    on Jul 13, 2017

    It was used to pick up a block of ice.

  • KK
    on Jul 13, 2017

    Used for Ice Blocks. Looks great for the paper towels. Nice piece.
  • Patricia
    on Jul 14, 2017

    It's for picking up logs to put in your fireplace. Sometimes comes with fireplace accessories .

  • Gale O'Neal
    Gale O'Neal
    on Jul 18, 2017

    Ice pic
  • Gale O'Neal
    Gale O'Neal
    on Jul 18, 2017

    I meant Ice block picker upper
  • Melissa Travis Thompson
    Melissa Travis Thompson
    on Jul 18, 2017

    It is an ice pick.
  • Andrea Misiak Ansell
    Andrea Misiak Ansell
    on Jul 20, 2017

    Ice tongs
  • Judy
    on Oct 2, 2017

    I've tongs for when they had blocks of ice for non electric refrigerators
  • Rose Broadway
    Rose Broadway
    on Oct 2, 2017

    Sure do! They are Ice Tongs. I remember, as a little girl, our "Ice man" coming through our house carrying a big block of ice, then putting it in the bottom part of our ice box. They weren't called Refrigerators in those days!
  • Ebbjdl
    on Oct 4, 2017

    They are large ice tongs, when ice was delivered by the Ice Man. I can't see the bottom but that's what it appears to be. EJL.
  • James Larry Franks
    James Larry Franks
    on Oct 4, 2017

    these are ice tongs---used by ice houses to move ice around and by the ice delivery man (years gone by) to carry ice from truck to inside the home to the original Ice Box, which worked very well to keep food safe!!!!
  • Ginny
    on Oct 6, 2017

    Before refrigerators had freezers, the iceman delivered ice to homes in huge blocks and used these tongs to carry the ice. I have a set myself. Have seen pictures where people have hung them on the wall and used as paper towel holders....very cute.
  • Suzanne Stevens
    Suzanne Stevens
    on Nov 14, 2017

    Ice block carrier i’ll Bet
  • Ana Bacallao
    Ana Bacallao
    on Nov 14, 2017

    Many, many years ago my father owned an ice factory and that definitely looks like the tools the workers would use to pick up the planks of ice.
  • Vickie Tanner
    Vickie Tanner
    on Nov 14, 2017

    Don't know what there called, but they pick up-up bails of hay.
  • Elaine Johnson
    Elaine Johnson
    on Jan 3, 2018

    Ice tongs .
  • 2dogal
    on Jan 3, 2018

    Depending upon what size it is, it's either for picking up blocks of ice or for bales of hay. It's old.
  • Mar10265939
    on Jan 3, 2018

    defiantly is ice tongs !!
  • Rose Broadway
    Rose Broadway
    on Jan 3, 2018

    Ice tongs! I remember the ice man coming to our house with a new block of ice when I was 5 years old. We never locked a door, so he always came in the kitchen door, and you never knew when he would appear! Can you imagine that now?
  • Mik28534383
    on Jan 3, 2018

    I can't believe that no one out there knows what this is
    it is the tongs that were made to carry blocks of ice
    back when the big cube of ice kept everything in the fridge cold
    they are ice tongs
    see it does pay to be old sometime
  • Mik28534383
    on Jan 3, 2018

    they are for carrying blocks of ice they are ice tongs
    they use to use them to carry blocks of ice for refrigeration
  • Emily
    on Jan 3, 2018

    children (boys that is) used to get chips of ice from the blocks; courtesy of the nice ice man. House wives would hang cardboard (pre printed) signs in their front door windows saying how many lbs they wanted. A different amount on each of the four sides of the sign. In the house we own, the original owner (born in my bedroom in 1908) told me that where our d.w. is now, once stood the ice box and the ice man could fill it from an opening outside.
  • Patrick McKeever
    Patrick McKeever
    on Jan 12, 2018

    They're 'ice tongs'. A hundred years ago 'ice boxes', the fore runners of refrigerators, used a block of ice to keep things cold. The ice was delivered to your door. The guy would throw a piece of leather over his back, use the ice tongs to throw the ice block up on his back and deliver it to your apartment.
  • Sharon Robinson Cox
    Sharon Robinson Cox
    on Jan 12, 2018

    Yep, ice tonges! I’ve been using a pair for a paper towel holder for manY years. Love to take antique pieces & use them for something entirely different than their original use!
  • Joyce Archer
    Joyce Archer
    on Jan 12, 2018

    Looks like Ice the old day, Ice house would deliver ice to homes and this is how they carried the block of ice..............kinda hard to tell how big they are in a picture...
  • Beverley Grace
    Beverley Grace
    on Jan 13, 2018

    have not seen them foe many years. The ice man used then to get ice. Out of the truck.
  • Joyce Snyder
    Joyce Snyder
    on Jan 13, 2018

    tongs to carry blocks of ice, they must be very old. before the frig. there were ice boxes, blocks of ice were delivered to your home carried in on tongs and placed in your Ice box. could be wrong but when i saw them thats what crossed my mind.
  • Patricia Commodore
    Patricia Commodore
    on Jan 16, 2018

    That looks like the tool they used to pick up square chunks of ice to put in refrigerator to keep it cold before they had refrigeration like we do today. The Iceman used used to come around in a truck to deliver the ice. And I believe the ice chunks were cut out of the rivers and streams when they froze over.
  • Robin Fournier
    Robin Fournier
    on May 6, 2018

    dry ice or salt block grabber/holder
  • Deb
    on Jul 7, 2018

    is it what they used for ice blocks when ice was delivered?

  • Janice
    on Jul 7, 2018

    Probably a new piece made to look like the old tongs used years ago when people had blocks of ice delivered to their homes. I had one I bought that was a paper towel holder. Kind of cool!
  • War15939090
    on Jul 7, 2018

    look like ice tongs
  • Ginny
    on Jul 7, 2018

    Ice block tongs. I have one too and have seen them turned right-side up and hung or suspended for paper towel holders.

  • Mary Fennell
    Mary Fennell
    on Aug 22, 2018

    They used those to move blocks of ice back in the old ice plants . There was one near my house.

  • Jamie
    on Sep 6, 2018

    These can be ice tong, for the big blocks of ice. Or, wood tongs, for grabbing a hunk of wood to throw into the fire place.

    You can do so many neat hinging things with them now.

  • Merrill Perkins
    Merrill Perkins
    on Sep 16, 2018

    tonges for large blocks of ice

  • Homeroad
    on Sep 21, 2018

    These are vintage (or reproduction) ice tongs. Often used as a paper towel holder.

  • Nan W.
    Nan W.
    on Sep 21, 2018

    Ice tongs! Yes! ...and I think your paper towel use is very clever!

  • Guy
    on Oct 30, 2018

    Caring ice blocks , before we had fridges

  • Kst9536252
    on Oct 30, 2018

    it is used to pick up large cubes of ice - like for old time refrigerators

  • Debbie OBryan
    Debbie OBryan
    on Oct 30, 2018

    This is for leading cattle around by the snout. Not very pretty used like scissors, how ever you close them by opening the handles.

  • Leslie Murphree
    Leslie Murphree
    on Oct 30, 2018

    It was used to carry a block of ice.

  • Qde29103268
    on Nov 16, 2018

    Looks like a tool for lifting ice blocks. In the old days the ice man delivered blocks of ice for ice boxes. Pre refrigerators

  • Sandy
    on Jan 10, 2019

    looks like a turn of a century ice block carrier..

  • Janet DeBord Caccamo
    Janet DeBord Caccamo
    on May 31, 2019

    It was used to pick up big blocks of ice back in the day...

  • Philipp
    on May 31, 2019

    Almost everyone knew the answer but I was terrified of it at first. Haha. I thought it could be a torture equipment back in the day (well maybe for ice blocks, yeah?). But that's a very creative way to repurpose it! Kudos!

  • Annette
    on May 31, 2019

    It is an ice pick to pick up and move blocks of ice.

  • Jean
    on Jul 18, 2019

    ice tongs used to carry large blocks of ice in the 30s and40s

  • Pat Widener
    Pat Widener
    on Jul 18, 2019

    It was used to pick up blocks of ice

  • Saundra Shuford Hennigan
    Saundra Shuford Hennigan
    on Aug 25, 2019

    blocked Ice tongs

  • Marilyn
    on Aug 27, 2019

    Ice tongs

  • Linda Palestine Jeffery
    Linda Palestine Jeffery
    on Sep 8, 2019

    Picks up ice blocks from the past

  • Jim
    on Sep 8, 2019

    Ice block carrier.

  • Nancy
    on Sep 8, 2019

    ice tongs

  • Maria Colamarino
    Maria Colamarino
    on Oct 3, 2019

    An block of ice picker upper

  • Bshane
    on Oct 6, 2019

    Looks like it’s for grabbing and carrying blocks of ice.

  • George Ramos
    George Ramos
    on Oct 26, 2019

    pick up logs? ? ? ? ?

  • Linda
    on Nov 5, 2019


  • Vikki Salazar
    Vikki Salazar
    on Nov 6, 2019

    in old days it picks up ice blocks

  • Kristy Weber
    Kristy Weber
    on Nov 24, 2019

    Ice block grabber

  • Sally
    on Nov 24, 2019

    It picks up ice chunks that are cut into cubes in frozen ponds or lakes

  • Pat
    on Nov 24, 2019

    Looks like a vintage ice grabber

  • Buffy Mullen
    Buffy Mullen
    on Dec 3, 2019

    Hay bail grabber

  • Christy Dawkins
    Christy Dawkins
    on Dec 23, 2019

    ice block lift tool.

  • Christy Dawkins
    Christy Dawkins
    on Dec 23, 2019

    ice block lift tool.

  • Karen Van Ryn
    Karen Van Ryn
    on Jan 21, 2020

    Is it an ice tong.? Used before fridges to move ice into ice boxes.

  • Canela15
    on Feb 22, 2020

    Ice tongs for. Lifting large blocks of ice. I found a pair in 'm my 107 year old house and kept them just because!!

  • Cha
    on Mar 7, 2020

    block ice grabber

  • Deb hurley
    Deb hurley
    on Apr 14, 2020

    to pick up blocks of ice

  • Patricia
    on Apr 26, 2020

    it is an ice holder the ice man used them to carry large squares of ice for your ice box..

  • Rick Cates
    Rick Cates
    on May 2, 2020

    Pick up ice blocks

  • Jean~ wvpoemlady
    Jean~ wvpoemlady
    on May 25, 2020

    Ice hook

  • JAO742
    on Jun 14, 2020

    this were used to hold blocks of ice

  • Terry
    on Jun 21, 2020

    used to carry blocks of ice

  • Alisa Lyles
    Alisa Lyles
    on Jul 3, 2020

    Looks like something they used for ice blocks I think

  • Vickie
    on Jul 5, 2020

    It is used for carrying large blocks of ice.

  • Susan Prendergast
    Susan Prendergast
    on Jul 8, 2020

    Ice tongs. From the era of delivery ice for the ice box. "The Ice Man Cometh."

  • 1cs1267
    on Jul 8, 2020

    ice tongs

    on Jul 17, 2020

    Used for picking up big blocks of ice when we had an ice box.

  • Marlene
    on Jul 17, 2020

    Ice block tongs

  • Cor32419347
    on Aug 4, 2020

    You pick up blocks of ice with them from the old days. My grandma had a “refrigerator” that you put big blocks of ice in to keep things cool out on the farm in Denton, Texas. My sisters and I had to churn butter. There was a butter churn with a paddle and one you pushed up and down with a handle. It was hard work!!

  • Lat8709754
    on Aug 9, 2020

    ice tongs

  • Tipper
    on Aug 11, 2020

    House shoe iron. For holding horseshoes in fire.

  • Linda
    on Oct 3, 2020

    it looks like old tongs used to pick up blocks of husband had a pair that were used on the railroad to move railroad ties

  • Ck
    on Oct 5, 2020

    used to carry blocks of ice

  • Joanne.dorrian
    on Oct 11, 2020

    Looks like an antique device to handle chunks of ice. From and ice box; what was used before we had refrigerators.

  • Tracy C
    Tracy C
    on Nov 6, 2020

    for picking up ice blocks

  • Nina
    on Nov 26, 2020

    Ice clamps. I have a set myself. They're for moving big blocks of ice.

  • Phyllis J Holman
    Phyllis J Holman
    on Dec 1, 2020

    It's ice pitchers from when people used to have to go to the ice house for a block of ice for the ice box.

  • Lynn Stanley Lagasse
    Lynn Stanley Lagasse
    on Dec 30, 2020

    It was used to pick up logs

  • Kris
    on Jan 2, 2021

    For carrying wood/timber.

  • Bb
    on Jan 25, 2021

    ice block tongs

  • Bb
    on Jan 25, 2021


    ice block tongs

  • Carol Efaw
    Carol Efaw
    on Jan 30, 2021

    Used to pick up molten metal from a cauldron

  • Trudy Foy
    Trudy Foy
    Just now

    These were used to pick up large blocks of ice.

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