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Spring Garden Door Decor

A different take on a spring wreath. This door decor project is different than my typical wreath decor. I do love wreath making, but sometimes, a little change is good! You might recognize most of the items I used to make this if you’re a frequent Dollar Tree shopper. I think it’s a fun take on a spring garden wreath.
I purchased the garden trellis along with some birds, butterflies and flowers on a recent trip to Dollar Tree. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to make with this, but when I spotted the “Spring” sign at the dollar spot at Target, an idea started coming together
The butterflies are pretty delicate. I tried attaching them with the wire that came with it, but it quickly pulled away from the butterfly. I used hot glue to attach them. I did the same with the little birds. I originally thought I would use blue birds, but they didn’t have the spring look I wanted. I also bought a few of the pastel colored ones and decided to use those.
I added a flower to the door hanger instead of using a bow.
The “Spring” sign was orange when I bought it and orange isn’t a color that I wanted to use. A couple of coats of white chalk paint and I liked it much better.
The flowers are attached to each other and the rail using hot glue.To attach the flowers in the space in the middle, I needed something to glue them to. I looked around for a small piece of wood to use and the first thing I saw was a paint stirrer. It’s a good size. I glued it to the back of the trellis and then glued flowers to it.
I always have a stash of silk flowers, so I used an assortment of styles and colors.
The cattails are held in place through the trellis.
How simple and inexpensive is this! I’m using this as indoor spring decor. I don’t think the birds and butterflies would hold up well to wind or rain outdoors.
To see more, please visit the link below.

Materials used for this project:

  • Silk flowers
  • Garden Trellis   (Dollar Tree)
  • Butterflies and Birds   (Dollar Tree)
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To see more: http://www.acrosstheblvd.com/spring-garden-door-decor/

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