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Please help me pick which to gift my MIL for Moms day...? I can't decide!

Hot Pink

Aquamarine Glass flower art... easier than I thought!


Select your glassware, plates, candle holders, at flea markets. Can be slightly chipped. Nothings perfect. :) Wash & dry & run some rubbing alcohol over them with a Q tip, just to make sure they're really clean of any debris.

Gloss Enamel Acrylic paints

Some you may like painted solid..

Glass Stain

Some you may like stained. The stained church window look. Watch for puddles! Let dry 24 hrs. Also adhere your candle holders etc. where you'd like them. With E6000.

Now apply your hockey puck, w/ a 1/2" hole drilled, 1/2 way up the side, to hold your stem. OR 1/2 " plumbers bell hanger -found at Lowes. I tried both. Adhere w/Loctite Marine glue, Or E6000. NOTE: Before glueing.. Make sure you know how you want your flower to look on the stem. The glue is permanent. Let dry 24 hrs.


STEM & handiest little tool EVER created! A RIDGID tension soft pipe cutter. Ask hubby or hardware employee to show you how EZ it is! Cut your 1/2" copper rod to the length you desire. NOTE: These are kind of heavy when you get them assembled, so pounding them into the ground a good foot or so will be adequate. Some even pound a rerod, then the copper pipe over that. -Lowes


Use your RIDGID pipe cutter to cut your leaves after you carefully form them. Simply spot weld to the stems. I got 8 leaves per roll of soft copper tubing. 5.99 -Lowes.

They can stay out in rain or wind. I plan on bringing mine in for the cold Mich winters. Just because. Now... Which to give to my MIL?? Hmmm?

Just add sunshine! This was an overcast April day. My sons birthday as a matter of fact. *~HaPpY BiRtHdAy~* Jason!

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Thank you for viewing, Happy Mothers Day to EVERY sort of mother.!!

Suggested materials:

  • Misc. glassware, Various colors, gloss, enamel, & or, translucent glass stain, Loctite Marine glue,  (JoAnn Fabrics & Lowes)
  • TOOLS to have on hand= Rubbing alcohol, wet rag, dry rag, Ridgid tension soft pipe cutter. 1 roll so

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  • Suzanne Brown
    on Jun 29, 2016

    I used the E0006 glue and let stand for 24 hours. It did not hold up fell right off. Any suggestions?

  • Jason Mercer
    on Aug 3, 2016

    I tried to do something like this, I have a dish that had a pressed design on it so I used the glass stain but you can barely see the glass stain once it dries. Your colors look so vivid and pop mine are just blah. Can you tell me what is the secret. Do I use more of the stain......? The yellows in my project most of them you can not see at all, most of the others show up but are just not nearly as nice looking as yours. please help. The package offered no directions at all that I saw either. Thanks a ton for your he;p!!

    , this is my glass stained creatione not too vivid
    • Mickey Baron
      on Aug 5, 2016

      First off, WOW, what a pretty plate! I see what you were trying for. It's the same thing I did. Filled ea. pocket with stain. And yes, you're right, I filled, let dry, & filled again, to achieve the look. Also, the stain does not withstand the heat from the sun as much. You have to put it in a shade part of the garden. Otherwise it melts in the full sun. I don't use the stain anymore for that reason. ~live n learn~ I am now mainly, using glossy acrylic glass paint. I love your look on the plate though. You have the ~eye~. Thank you for asking.

  • Linda Dugas
    on Aug 7, 2018

    These are so Pretty. I would try this, but nobody would see these in our backyard. Our front porch and front yard gets the afternoon sun and in summer, it is BLAZING, here in North Carolina. Do you think that the glossy Acrylic paint would hold up in the summer sun or is there any other options?? Any answers would be appreciated :) Linda > North Carolina.

    • Mickey Baron
      on Jun 7, 2019

      Linda, Sry I have not answered this, I didn't see it. Here is my suggestion.. I now use the glass, craft paint at Joannes. After painting the plates, I put them in a cold oven & turn it onto 325 actually BAKE the paint on. Let it bake for 45 min. Then shut off the oven & DO NOT REMOVE plates till the oven has completely cooled. This method, I'm SURE would hold up to your high heats there in NC. Good Luck

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  • Martha
    on May 5, 2016

    wow all are nice. If a pink person go pink !!

  • Brenda Cooley
    on Jul 7, 2016

    People are so crafty. I love crafts as well, I'll have to try this up in Canada where I live. You ladies could all share your plates to get a variety going in your gardens. There is no end to our imaginations. Love it

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