Homemade Laundry Scent Booster

I like to make cleaning mixtures. Do you? My youngest daughter especially likes those scented laundry boosters that you add to the wash. I kept one of the empty Downy un stopables bottles washed, dried and decided to make my own laundry scent booster.
You need Epsom Salt, Watkin Extracts/Flavorings, or essential oils. You can also use a combination of both extracts and essential oils.
You use the amount of Epsom Salt you want then simply add the oils/flavorings to make your mixture smell as strong or weak as you like. Mix together in a bowl with a butter knife or whisk. Mix well and add scents to your liking.
These little bottles can be found at Walmart. I like that they had so many wonderful extracts. I love to cook so these were used for cooking as well as cleaning mixtures. My mother always loved the Watkins.
I used a combination of the food grade essential oils and Watkins Extracts as well. It smelled good enough to eat but please don't. (Epsom Salt can be a laxative and you wouldn't want that now anyway.)
The first recipe I made was with orange, butter and vanilla. It smelled so delicious and made the laundry smell so wonderful. Mix enough oils into salt to get the scent you desire!
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I hope you enjoy these easy little cleaning mixtures! Oh I almost forgot this mixture makes a good addition to the wash at anytime and a great added plus is that Epsom Salt helps to soften the laundry as well!

Suggested materials:

  • Watkins Extracts  (Walmart)
  • Epsom Salt  (Drug Store, Walmart or Target,)
  • Essential Oils Food Grade  (Amazon)

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Dolly Sarrio

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  • Jill Ron Pike
    on May 16, 2016

    I priced the Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt you have depicted, and the Dr. Teal's Bath salts with the essential oil already added...same price for both. Could I use the Dr. Teal's bath salts since the ingredients are the soaking solution and essential oils? I use the Lavender (relax and soothe) and the Eucalyptus ( energizing)

    • Dolly Sarrio
      on May 16, 2016

      Mine didn't have the oils added. If the one you priced has the scent you would like to use and it is strong enough go for it. I've had people buy that and tell me it didn't have enough in it to scent their laundry. In other words others have told me that using that one doesn't bring much of any scent in their laundry. You may find that it does. I couldn't say because mine didn't have it.

  • Eadie Camp
    on May 17, 2016

    Do you think a Parmesan cheese bottle would work too? Or is it too small?

    • Dolly Sarrio
      on May 17, 2016

      @Eadie Camp Any bottle you have on hand would work. That sounds good to me. I use the huge ones for my homemade cleaning scrub. They are sturdy and hold up a long time. Good idea!

  • 861650
    on May 17, 2016

    Using extracts: Read you post again and am wondering if you can use extracts, white vinegar and distilled water combination in a spray bottle to freshen your home. Currently, I use one part white vinegar and three parts distilled water on just about everything...and I mean everything. Can't use essential oils as I have cats. Last, you are a smart consumer and have great ideas. I am pinning this and sharing your post with my friends on FB. Thank you so much as I appreciate all your time and effort...ain't Southern women wonderful! LOL!

    • Dolly Sarrio
      on May 19, 2016

      Maybe you can use them if you find you can please let us know. Wonderful the vinegar, distilled water, baking soda. and a few more ingredients we can do most anything at home. Thank you for sharing.. Yeah and I love being Southern! All women are wonderful though...I'm glad you mentioned the essential oils and cats...good info.

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