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DIY Christmas Gift - Etching Stainless Steel Tumblers

**Do this outside!** My husband steals all my tumblers so the kids and I decided to get him his own special one.
These tumblers are stainless steel and from Walmart for about $10.
First use adhesive stencils. This is personal use and not for sale so I used a image off the internet.
Attach to your cup. Then get some supplies ready: 9v battery Low voltage wire (old telephone or speaker wire works ) electrical tape Vinegar Salt Q-tips Container Scissors
Tape your positive end to the battery and the cup.
Tape negative end to the battery negative post and wrap around q-tip.
Mix up tablespoon of salt and about a 1/2 cup vinegar.
Dip the q-tip in vinegar mix and start etching! Keep it moving, it will bubble or sizzle when it's working. It stinks so this is why you should be outside. **This is a battery and electric, even though the current is very minimal I still stress to be careful and not let children do this project.**
The longer you stay in one spot the more it removes and the whiter the etching will be. It was 105 degrees outside and I just wanted to be done.
Rinse and clean by hand with soap and water, then double check any spots before removing the stencil.
We also did the bottom with a joke between my daughter and husband.

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