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Upcycling 2x4 Pieces Into Something Both Useful and Beautiful

I hate waste, see one of my earlier posts about recycing scrap wood. Well I had a big pile af short pieces of 4x2 that I rescued from a skip -- so what to do?
Plans here ( though I didn't stick to them)
So I had a load of short pieces of 4x2 (or 2x4 if you are American!) I set up 12 pieces (12 inches/30cm long in a 6 ft circle (I held in place with 6inch nails into the ground)
Offset next set and then carried on
After about 8 layers started to taper in (11 inch then 10 inch --9---8 etc
Topped off with a platform --Goats seem to be happy!! a sunshade for summer with adequate ventilation
Also could be used for human "kids" as a climbing frame

Materials used for this project:

  • 4x2   (skips/dumpsters)
  • 3inch/75mm nails   (mitre 10)

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