DIY Lamp Christmas Tree

One of my (Vicki) favorite ways to create is by using “what I have” on hand—stuff that is in my stash of raw materials, odds and ends, including lamps in all state of disrepair. When Steph challenged me to create an unconventional Christmas tree, I headed to this stash to see what I could come up with. I was intrigued by the idea of transforming the “bones” of a lamp into a multi-level tree complete with
diy lamp christmas tree, lighting
I decided to use wood platters and other circular wood objects as my layers with assorted lamp base parts as dividers between the layers. I also used a metal tray when I realized I needed a larger base and found I could drill through it easily enough.
diy lamp christmas tree, lighting
Disassemble all the lamps—you will need one base and stem and a number of additional parts for spacers. The parts will simply unscrew. Locate the nut at the bottom of the base and unscrew it.
diy lamp christmas tree, lighting
Gather wood/metal circles and the lamp parts to be used.
diy lamp christmas tree, lighting
diy lamp christmas tree, lighting
Drill holes into the centers of the wood or metal circles.
diy lamp christmas tree, lighting
Dry fit the circles and lamp parts. (Note: The lamp stem has threaded ends at the top and bottom. The washer and nut on the outside top of the base in this picture and the same washer/nut combination inside the base will keep everything tight.)
Once you’re pleased with the arrangement, clean, prime and paint all the parts.
diy lamp christmas tree, lighting
To assemble, put a nut onto the stem all the way to the end of the screw thread, add a washer, put the stem down through the hole in the base, add a washer, and another nut. Tighten securely—you may need a pair of locking pliers or wrench to do this.
diy lamp christmas tree, lighting
Thread the wire through the hole in the side of the lamp base (not all lamps will have this) and up into the stem until about five inches stick out the top.
diy lamp christmas tree, lighting
Start threading platters and spacers onto the stem. I used a spacer below the first platter because the base top was not completely flat and it needed to be. Adding the spacer gave me the flat surface I needed. Wire the lamp.
diy lamp christmas tree, lighting
I’m very happy with the results of my unconventional tree and very happy I was able to use my ever growing stash of odds and ends! If you’re a collector of “stuff” then this is a project for you.
The tree can be used as decor at Christmas or without decoration or used as a serving tray. It can be used as winter decor with the substitution of an Edison bulb. It can even be repainted in a less festive color to extend it’s use.
diy lamp christmas tree, lighting
To see how to solder and wire the lamp, please visit our website below!

Suggested materials:

  • Old lamps
  • Assorted wood/metal circle items
  • Assortment of lamp parts
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  • Dahliaqueen
    on Nov 19, 2016

    Where did you find the star light bulb? And the Edison bulb, LOVE that one ! Thanks for sharing.

    • There is a link to the bulb on our website. Head there to see (the link is right above your question). The Edison bulb is from Ikea. It's really nice because its an LED so it isn't hot like an incandescent one.

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