Warning: Are Homemade Vinegar Cleaners Safe for All Surfaces?

Everyone knows we love homemade cleaning solutions at Chemistry Cachet. Creating something amazing from a few household ingredients is truly chemistry at it's finest.
With the popularity of making your own solutions, there are some scientific points you need to know! I see things all over the internet showing homemade vinegar cleaners and how they are used on everything.
Read this before you clean with vinegar!
warning are homemade vinegar cleaners safe for all surfaces , cleaning tips
Vinegar is chemically known as acetic acid. It is made through alcohol fermentation and is highly acidic, which is what makes it an awesome cleaning agent. I use it in so many homemade solutions. It is effective, cheap, and safe around humans and pets.
Since it is an acid though, there are a few things you need to watch out for.
warning are homemade vinegar cleaners safe for all surfaces , cleaning tips
1. Do not use vinegar on natural stone or marble.
Vinegar can eat away at stone and marble surfaces overtime. Stone tiles, travertine, granite, marble, or anything in that family should not have vinegar as a cleaner!
2. Unsealed grout.
Some grouts found in ceramic tiles or that’s been sealed is okay, but if you have grout unsealed in stone tile, it can eat away at that. Strong acids in general should not be used for this.
The professional who did our tile mentioned that right away, do not sure vinegar on this surface!
3. Wood floors or furniture.
Vinegar can damage the wood and any stain on hardwood floors. In fact, vinegar is a common wood distressing technique, so it can remove stain and damage your natural hard wood.
This goes for waxed wood furniture too. It can damage the coating on the wood. If you have fake wood floors, vinegar is fine to use.
4. Do you mix hydrogen peroxide and vinegar in the same bottle? This is a highly toxic substance! Click here for more information on the dangerous chemical this creates
warning are homemade vinegar cleaners safe for all surfaces , cleaning tips
5. Certain food stains.
Be sure to read about the food stains and what your CAN use vinegar on in the blog post below.
Alexis @ Chemistry Cachet

Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!


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  • Kirsty Merrell
    on Dec 22, 2016

    I've been using a homemade orange infused vinegar, dish soap, & water for years. Our new-to-us home has granite. I heard you aren't supposed to use vinegar on granite. Now what do I use?

    • Sherrie
      on Mar 24, 2019

      Touch of soap and water , rinse, then dry and buff or buy the cleaner your granite or marble has cleaning and cleaners they recommend. The stone institute also has cleaning specifications. Google it!

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