Raising Worms for Castings - Part 2

In this post, we discuss how Eddie and I got passed the first worm disaster, and instead, opted for building and installing a worm tower in the garden. The goal was to have 100s & 100s of red wigglers eating our kitchen scraps to generate a wonderfully nutritious fertilizer for our veggie garden. But we didn't want to have to deal with their poo. We also wanted them in their natural habitat (in the ground) so they would not freeze in winter AND so they could serve their second intended purpose -- to aerate the soil. It is simple to build and install and once in place, there is no poo management. The worms do the work of spreading poo throughout the garden. Check out this post for detailed instructions for this simple half-day project. (You can make three towers from a $27 pipe so they average out to less than $10 each or repurpose the leftover pipe in another project.)
Time: 4-5 HoursCost: $27Difficulty: Easy

Suggested materials for this project:

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