Rag Bin

I have 2 cats, Relic and Luna. A few months ago I discovered "light-weight" kitty litter and love it, No more lugging 50 lb containers!
And because I paint and sculpt and renovate and work with plaster and clay and well - just about anything I can het my hands on - I use rags, I use lots of them.
Now, I figure out what to do with those wonderful hinged lidded containers the kitty litter comes in. Not just for rags but for lost of things!
My rag container. UGGGGGLY, looks like a pail of kitty litter.
I emptied and washed it.
Used nail polish remover to get the signage off.. I have done this before but this one took a while - probably about 30-40 minutes to get it all off, and a few dozen cotton balls.
Washed it again. The dried it and let it sit for a while, then I lightly sanded the whole outside of the container - lid and all, plus the underside of the flip-up lid.
Pick, measure and pre-cut paper.
After picking what paper I wanted I applied Mod podge ( actually home made mod-podge. )
8 oz. white glue
4 oz. water
2 tbsp. polycrylic
When the paper was on, I painted the part that was not papered
Plus the underside of the flip-up lid.
and let it all dry...
The I found a design I liked and added a label - printed it out on my computer onto card stock. I used my mod-podge to adhere it to the lid and used a pouncing brush to blur the edges.
I got a braided edging I liked and wrapped the handle, running a bead of hot glue along the plastic edge.
and applied a coat of polycrylic over the whole thing.
added more braid!
And done.. ( sorry for the crappy photo!)

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  • Kel4953029
    on Feb 18, 2017

    Wouldn't it be easier to just primer the bright colored printed logo? Or if the paper is dark enough to just lightly sand container and apply Paper? Just my crafting thought on the cute project.

    • Rox15245227
      on Mar 4, 2017

      You gave me a fantastic idea how I can get much storage in an outstanding container! Thanks much!

  • Ell
    on Feb 18, 2017

    what type of paint did you use?

    • Teresa
      on Feb 20, 2017

      Acrylic cheap paint from the dollar store - but you have to lightly sand it first - really just a quick de-shine - to get good adhesion.

  • Lshovak
    on Feb 18, 2017

    Why didn't you use WD-40 on the label it comes off clean.. ?

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  • Leah M
    on Mar 4, 2018

    I generate 4 or 5 buckets every 2 weeks. I use them to put my recycling in and then put the whole thing out in my recycle bin. I have had people ask for empties for gardening, painting (professional painters), even to sit on. However, I know that if I ever decide to keep one, or more, of these things, I'll always have another. I get the Sam's brand, yes they are the heavy ones, but with a cat rescue, I can't afford more expensive brands. Having said that, my rescue cats are ageing. I plan on getting the number of cats I have down to a reasonable amount in the next few years. About half the cats are 10 or more, most of the rest are over 5. I do have 2 youngsters, some kids brought a 4 day old kitten to my door in July of '17. We adopted another kitten about the same age in November since the next youngest cat is 5.

  • Toni
    on Mar 19, 2019

    How clever, love the way it turned out.....especially with the braid.

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