Outdoor Sink For Washing Garden Veggies

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We garden a lot and also buy from our local farmers. An outdoor sink for washing everything in 'raw well water' was a must. Money being scarce we started looking in the thrift stores and trash items thrown out to the curb (we are passionate about recycling). It took awhile to gather what we needed but saved us a big chunk of money.
This isn't in the order that our 'parts' were found, but is in order of being built. Our neighbor threw out this table. It is on wheels with scrappy peeling paint. Couldn't get it in the car so I pushed it home. Here it is getting all the loose paint removed.
Found the sink at a local thrift store. $5. Can't see it in the picture but it had all the hardware underneath. And if you ever had to buy plumbing parts you know how quickly that will get expensive.
Turned the sink upside down and carefully marked out the cutting line on the top surface.  This was the trial fit.  Perfect!
Two coats of house paint left over from painting the house.
The top was in such bad shape we found some vinyl flooring at the local thrift and covered the top and the bottom shelf. Used old patio bricks for bonding weight for the glue. The top edge was then finished off with plastic edging we got for $1.
We needed a drain rack to drain off the water from our vegetables, so we mounted the piece cut out to make room for the sink on the side of the table.
Trial fit on the rack (Target $10).
Back view: The lattice was leftover from another project and just sitting by the shed. Used it to hold the hose in the back. Black hose leftover from old washing machine. Hook came from thrift store. $.25. Adapter from hardware store. $3.
Decorated the legs with painted plastic flowers (thrift $.50) and leftover paint. Drain hose - thrift $1. The bottom is a nice storage area for the rack and drain hose.
Final test run. One very small drip underneath that we can live with. Very, very happy how this project turned out.
Drain water is sent to our garden beds.
We have since bought a cover for it online that keeps it dry and out of the sun.
Adding additional photos of the underside of the sink.

Suggested materials:

  • Paint Scraper   (Old toolbox tool)
  • Sink with hardware   (Thrift store)
  • Table   (Side of road)
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