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How To Revamp Your Ikea Dresser With Paint

I am in the slow process of giving my guest room a new look and I am starting with the accent pieces. It just seems easy that way for me. This is an old ikea dresser that I transformed with Decoart Maxx Gloss paint.
Time: 12 Hours Cost: $20 Difficulty: Easy
Watch the video above for all the nitty gritty or dig into the step by step instructions.
Since the wood was already raw no need to sand nor prime. You do want to remove the drawers from the dresser and detach the knobs from the drawers.
I used Decoart Maxx Gloss paint for a high gloss finish. Shake well before using. This color is Sapphire.
Using a 2" brush, "follow the grain" of your dresser and paint in thin coats. Let it dry between each coat.
As your dresser is drying it is time to work on the drawers! I thought the white (Fine China) would be a nice contrast with the blue. I also spray painted the wooden knobs with Rustoleum Bright Coat in Gold for some additional nautical realness!
As tempting as it may seem to paint all over the place don't forget painting in one direction prevents streaks.
Let all your pieces dry COMPLETELY before you reassemble 8 hours to overnight should be suffice. Some gold spray painted seashells really gave it a luxe feeling. Not bad for an Ikea find.

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Materials used for this project:

  • Paint   (Decoart)
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