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Cedar Planters

3 Materials
2 Hours

This project was easy, didn't take much time to complete and the result is just what I had hoped for.
cedar planters
I cut some 2x2's, four of them at 16" and four of them at 13 1/2". I pre-drilled holes on the end of the 16" 2x2's so as not to split the wood when I screwed them to the 13 1/2" 2x2's.
cedar planters
I used 2 1/2 screws and put together the boards creating two frames.
cedar planters
I cut some 1x4 cedar and some 1x6 cedar to 13 1/2" lengths. I then used some liquid nails and attached the cedar boards to the two frames
cedar planters
I attached the cedar boards on four sides of the frame
cedar planters
I cut two 1x4's at 20 1/2" and two 1x4's at 13 1/4". I attached them to the top of the unit and cut a small radius around the corners. I routed the outside edge with a 3/8 round over bit.
cedar planters
On the bottom of the unit I attached four 4" 2x2 legs
cedar planters
I placed a 14" x 14" plastic plant liner into the cedar unit.
cedar planters
Last step was to add flowers and the project is finished and pretty. I made two of these planters. I got the plant lines on line at www.spraysmater. They come in various sizes. I will probably make some more, but in some smaller dimensions. The large size I used was about $5.00

Suggested materials:

  • Three 8' 2x2's, three 8' 1x4 cedar  (any lumber store)
  • 14x14 plastic plant liner  (
  • Liquid nails, screws,

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  • Amy Rohde
    on Jul 31, 2017

    Very cool. I would love to see a pic from the street! Did you pick the size of the black pot/liner thing first, before building it?
    • Townsend Walton
      on Aug 1, 2017

      Yes I did. I had two spots on my deck where I wanted the planters. I figured the size that would look right and then looked to find a planter liner that would work for the size planter. I got the plastic planter and actually built the outside wooden part around it.
  • Sarge
    on Aug 28, 2017

    Very nice! When did you say you were headed to NY? LOL.
    • Townsend Walton
      on Aug 29, 2017

      I started out in New York, born and raised. Moved to Kansas and spent a lot of years there and now on the west coast. A little on the East, a lot in the middle, and complete it all on the West
  • Est29009741
    on Sep 3, 2017

    I was wondering when you water the plants does it drain to the bottom ( are there holes on the bottom of the plant container) because if it rains it will hold too much water and wont it rote the roots.

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  • Mcgypsy9
    on Aug 1, 2017

    I guess I will need to go to the lumber yard I used to frequent for my cedar as our home improvement stores do not carry the 2x2's In cedar.
    This is indeed a beautiful planter! I bet with all the rain you get in your area you will have blooming flowers all year long! I really love the addition of the rounded corners. It takes the harshness out and gives such a pretty look!
    Thank you so much for sharing this project! I've seen many of these similar online but never this gorgeous! So now is the time to get them made!
    The hubby and I will be moving that way within the next couple of years. Going to Oak Harbor, Whidbey Island to retire! Can't wait!
    • Townsend Walton
      on Aug 1, 2017

      I too had to get the 2x2 cedar at a lumber store, not a home improvement store. Hard to believe, but we haven't had any rain in over a month, but when the fall and winter come in, the rain will come back.

  • Karen Merritt3
    on Aug 1, 2017

    That is so nice. Thanks for the clear instructions! Can't wait to build one.
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