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Vintage Green Desk Makeover

I love living life spontaneously. I have met more people, found more beautiful places, and lived a more joyful life by being free spirited and able to go with the flow. On Sunday my family and I ventured over to St Paul, Minnesota for dinner and on the way I decided last minute that I wanted to swing into a thrift store to look at furniture, because I had that ' I really need to work on something' feeling! I came across this white desk buried amongst other random items, and as soon as I saw it, it was love at first sight, I instantly saw what I would do with it when my eyes came across it in the thrift store.
As silly as it sounds, I had a hard time falling asleep that night because I was so excited to get my hands on this desk and dig into a new project! I woke up early yesterday and started on it, and finished by midnight! This was the first big furniture revival project I have completed in one day, start to finish, which left me feeling really accomplished, motivated for the next project ..and really tired!
This desk & black chair will be on display and for sale at The Living Room Coffee House, located on Cameron Street in Eau Claire, Wisconsin , I will be delivering it on Wednesday February 5th.
I decided to give this desk a whole different feel that the original white and gold , and make it more masculine vs. feminine. By doing that I was stepping myself outside of my comfort zone, of my typical 'painting curvy pieces with feminine colors' and also giving myself a little challenge, to see if I could pull it off!
How I revived this piece of furniture:
- Sanded
- 2 coats of 'Preppy Green' Paint
- 2 soft layers of black stain + polyurethane
- Drilled holes for pulls & added different drawer pulls, originally off of antique dresser
-Map lined drawers
-1963 rustic Wisconsin Farm license plate bolted into the side of the desk
-Signed on the back + a quote (my own extra little touch I place on my furniture pieces)
-Black chair is painted with Rustoleum metallic accents paint with a light layer of black stain + polyurethane.
Here are the results from a long day of reviving this beautiful old desk! :

I hope you enjoyed my latest furniture revival project! If you are interested in purchasing this desk & chair combo, you can contact Kelly via email at endlessacres@live.com or view it at The Living Room Coffee House in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Desk Price = $150.00
If you have any questions or have a piece of furniture you would like me to makeover, shoot me an email! You can also follow Endless Acres Farmtiques on Facebook & Twitter.

Thanks for reading,
Partner products used in this blog post; If you are interested in a metal horseshoe art flower, as seen on top of the desk, you can contact me as well to purchase. You can like & see more metal art creations like the flower over at Roosters Creations on Facebook.
Time: 1 Days Cost: $50 Difficulty: Medium

To see more: http://endlessacresfarmtiques.com/2014/02/05/greendeskmakeover/

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