DIY Washi Tea Lights

2 Materials
30 Minutes

This is a very easy project.I love useing Washi tape to decorate with.I have done many things with Washi tape. such as Christmas cards,containers and many more.I had a jar of new tea lights which were sitting in my bathroom cupboard.So I decided to decorate these tea light candles and maybe give them away at Christmas time.I bought these tea light candles at IKEA my favourite shop.

What you need.
1) tea light candles
2)Washi tape
3) Bag for packaging
How to make this project.
1) Simply wrap the Washi tape around the tea lights.I have used 4 different patterns and colours of Washi tape.
2) Have fun decorating them.
3) I am giving these away for Christmas together with an ornament.

I used green tea lights, and Christmas themed washi tape.
4) After I decorated the tea lights with the washi tape, I wrapped my candles in a cellophane bag with tag. How easy is this?
I packaged the candles to give out as a gift, I added some sweet Christmas tags to the bags.
Voila! Project compete! Hope you like it!

Suggested materials:

  • Tealight candles  (Ikea)
  • Bag and tags  (Discount shop)

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