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Industrial Shelf

An industrial shelf creates a modern vibe in any space. The metal piping suspends two wood-looking boards making it possible for even the smallest NYC to have shelf space. If you want to get the Industrial pipe shelving unit you can get it right here!Single-shelf, double-shelf and triple-shelf units are available.
Time: 30 Minutes Difficulty: Easy
Woohoo we got the box in the mail! We are SO excited to open it up and build the shelf!

The metal piping came prebuilt. This makes it so much easier to put together.
Step 1: Make sure you have all of the pieces.
Step 2: As much as each of us wanted to jump right in, we read the instructions to be sure we put together our shelf to be really sturdy. The instructions came a bit wrinkled but we had no problems reading them :)
Step 3: Get all the tools together. We needed a hammer and an electric drill, plus two people to put it together!
Step 4: Jake held up the metal pipes to the wall so we could make a little pencil mark as to make sure when we drill that they are even.
Step 5: We wanted to make sure the shelves were even before we put them up so we tested it on Jake's desk.
Here is what the shelves look like off of the wall... time to put them up!
Step 6: Drill 3 holes into the wall for each piece of piping that will be touching the wall. Since we marked it with pencil we already had checked to make sure they were even. As you read on the directions, there are small plastic pieces that go into the holes first. Then you drill in the screws through the holes in the metal piping connecting the whole piece to the wall.
Step 7: Put the boards back on and make sure they are even. Ours came out perfect!

Materials used for this project:

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