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Solar Screen Spray Painting

2 Materials
15 Minutes

The removable solar screens in the house had gotten very sun-bleached and dusty. Just washing them did not make them look good; some of the surface material on the net had been brushed off and it was next to impossible remove all the fine dust. Washing, air drying and spray painting the net turned out to be a perfect, and cost effective solution. Doing all the 30+ screens will take some time and effort but the outcome is well worth it. The netting and frames were in good condition and it broke my heart to think about trashing them. The $2 coast of the project is an estimate per screen. One $4 can of the spray paint is enough for about 3 middle size screens. ATTENTION: remove the tape as soon as possible: don't let the taped frame sit around. When fished taping, paint and remove the tape a.s.a.p. I had one taped frame sitting around for days and removing the tape was a nightmare.
solar screen spray painting
Step 1: Washed the screen with brush and dish liquid, rinsed well.
solar screen spray painting
Step 2: Taped the edges after the screen dried, paint immediately after taping.
solar screen spray painting
Step 3: Spray painted the screen with 3 coats, from different angle and letting each layer dry few minutes: REMOVE THE TAPE A.S.A.P!
solar screen spray painting
Step 4: Removed tape and hag the screen back in place.
solar screen spray painting
The spray paint did not clogged the wholes, very nice and even outcome on the screen.
solar screen spray painting
Finished screen on the left.

Suggested materials:

  • Spray can, Rust-Oleum American Accents 2x ultra cover, flat black  (Walmart)
  • Masking tape  (Walmart)
  • Dish liquid  (Costco)

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